BS Medicine Podcast

Welcome to the home of one of the top (typically in the top 3) medical podcasts in Canada and one of the top 20 in most other countries.


The podcasts are presented by James McCormack and Michael Allan. We try to promote healthy skepticism and critical thinking and most of the podcasts are presented in a case-based approach. We also try to inject some humour into the whole process to make the learning more interesting. Occasionally we have great guests like Bob Rangno, Adil Virani, Mike Kolber, Tina Korownyk and Bruce Arroll help us out.

The overriding messages are:

  1. Be familiar with the evidence (not critical appraisal) for the conditions you treat
  2. Start with low doses unless the condition is life-threatening
  3. Engage patients in shared-informed decision-making by discussing with them their risk without treatment, their risk with treatment, and any potential adverse effects including cost

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