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Episode 197: ADHD – paying attention to the evidence

In episode 197, James and Mike bring in our good friend and colleague Adil Virani to help us to discuss the issue of ADHD. In this first part we discuss the diagnosis and try to focus on the concept of improving function rather than necessarily improving ADHD symptoms. At the end we all lose focus but realize this is exactly what has happened in the previous 196 episodes. Read more »

Episode 134: Antipsychotics - schizophrenia the drugs - part 3

In episode 134, we get into the nitty gritty of choosing a second drug for schizophrenia if the first one doesn't work or is not tolerated. Read more »

Episode 133: Antipsychotics - schizophrenia the drugs - part 2

In episode 133, Mike and James again welcome Adil Virani to help us along with our antipsychotic drug discussion. We discuss the differences between the first and second generation antipsychotics, how to start, and when to consider a depot preparation. Read more »

Episode 132: Antipsychotics - schizophrenia the condition - part 1

In episode 132, Mike and James bring back their good friend and psych colleague Adil Virani, to help out in thinking about the use of antipsychotics. In part 1, we talk about schizophrenia in general and start to get into a discussion of the use of antipsychotics for this condition and how to decide what drugs to choose. Read more »

Drugectomies - DTC 2010

This week we have something slightly different for you. Read more »

Episode 49: Becoming less anxious about anxiety disorders - Part II

In episode 49, we continue on from the previous anxiety ladened podcast, and cautiously delve into the whole area of treatment options for anxiety disorders. Mike and James do this by once again cautiously delving into the complex mind of our psychiatry colleague, Dr. Adil Virani. We end up with great advice but get no further insight into how men's brains work - if in fact they do.

Episode 48: Becoming less anxious about anxiety disorders

In episode 48, we again invite our psychiatry colleague Adi Virani to talk about the important area of anxiety disorders. Mike and Adil talk about the 6 most common conditions and we find out 25% of the population have some sort of an anxiety disorder. Read more »

Episode 17: Anti-Depressants: Some Issues in Managing Depression

In episode 17 we look at managing the treatment of depression once we’ve started a medication. We discuss the patient conversations necessary for initiating treatment including the patient perception of the illness, expectations and potential side-effects. We debate the quandaries around starting doses, when or if to increase, duration of therapy and relapse prevention. Read more »

Episode 16: Anti-Depressants: Is there a Drug of Choice?

In episode 16 we look at initiating treatment for depression. We briefly review screening and the diagnosis of depression before discussing the non-drug treatment options (therapy, exercise, sleep hygiene). We search for the anti-depressant of choice (being any) and end up deciding to tailor the choice based on factors such as side-effect profile, targeted symptoms, and cost. Read more »

Episode 15: Treating Depression: The Recent Sad News about Anti-Depressants

In episode 15 a guest assists us in addressing the evidence suggesting anti-depressants are not as effective as believed. We review some biases in the anti-depressant research including publication bias (how good studies are published more than bad studies). We discuss how the benefits of anti-depressants over placebo increase as the severity of depression worsens. Read more »

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