Episode 329: A dementia update you will hopefully remember – PART II

In episode 329, Mike and James continue with their update on the treatment of dementia. We talk about prevention and how to figure out if an individual is getting a benefit from treatment. Bottom line, it is very tricky. We also talk about non-drug treatments and the latest new drug treatment.

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See Episode 328

Episode 328: A dementia update you will hopefully remember

In episode 328, Mike and James do an update of what is new for the treatment of dementia. We go over the scales used to assess dementia and then look at the latest trials for the commonly used drugs. Sadly, the treatments are still sorely limited.

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Episode 93: Questions posed, answers (de)composed - N and V, statins, ASA and Alzheimer's

In episode 93, we once again get back to listener questions. We explore everything from haloperidol for nausea and vomiting, to statin dosing, ASA in diabetics, and finally Alzheimer's drugs. Towards the end, James and Mike realise that listener questions are too hard and they make up some easy ones of their own yet still struggle.

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Episode 86: Alzheimer's - unforgettable podcasts - part III - the final tease

In episode 86, James, Mike and Laurie finish of the discussion of Alzheimer's by reviewing more clinical trial data and try to tease out if there are any differences between the available therapies but in essence struggle to tease out if there is a benefit over placebo. Read more »

Episode 85: Alzheimer's - unforgettable podcasts - part II - the scales and the studies

In episode 85, James and Mike delve into the studies, the scales and some of the treatments for Alzheimer's. We once again have geriatrician Laurie Mallery help us out. Read more »

Episode 84: Alzheimer's - unforgettable podcasts - part I - the diagnosis

In episode 84, James and Mike start to look at the difficult area of dementia from both the diagnosis and treatment perspective. Given that Mike and James often get confused during the podcasts and forget things, we've engaged an expert in this area, geriatrician Laurie Mallery. Read more »

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