Episode 168: Crystallizing the evidence for treating and preventing gout

In episode 168, Mike and James welcome back the returning Bruce Arroll who helps us out with the painful issue of how to diagnosis, treat and prevent gout. We crystallize the evidence and stick a needle into the beliefs about diet and colchicine dose. At the end we all go out to celebrate and drink milk and wine because neither are associated with developing gout. Read more »

Episode 108: Questions, questions and more questions

In episode 108, Mike and James get back to listener questions and discuss drugs in the same class and different classes, get nowhere on a discussion about how to extrapolate 5-year data to infinity and beyond, get a little smelly with fish oil data, and find out that the new low dose colchicine is also high price which also stinks. Read more »

Episode 97:New stuff that we found - MMR/autism, metformin, A1c and colchicine

In Episode 97, Mike and James present listeners with 4 'diamonds in the rough' which should have an impact on practice, or at least get you trending towards a change. Information on MMR and autism, metformin and Vit B12, HbA1C not being zero, and low dose colchicine are presented with the usual clarity and profoundness listeners have come to expect from the podcast. Read more »

Episode 36: Information on older drugs from an even older doctor – Part II

In episode 36, we take up where we left off in episode 35 by reviewing eight more (not ten) old drugs that hopefully you are still using – if not, get with the progam – in your day-to-day practice. Dr Bob joins us yet again for this episode and provides us with some great clinical experience and finally some reasonable humour. Read more »

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