Episode 313: COPD studies - All I need is the air that I breathe

In episode 313, James and Mike go over two new large COPD trials that looked at the use of different types of inhalers and find that unfortunately they do very little to clinically relevant outcomes. The bottom line is don’t smoke.

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1) SUMMIT trial - Fluticasone furoate and vilanterol Read more »

Episode 294: COPD – Continually Offering Puffer Devices – PART III

In episode 294, Mike and James put the nail in the coffin on the evidence around inhalers for COPD. We discuss the evidence and studies around combination inhalers and the treatment of acute exacerbations of COPD. The bottom line is never, ever, ever, smoke.

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See episode #292

Episode 293: COPD – Continually Offering Puffer Devices – PART II

In episode 293, Mike and James continue to discuss the evidence behind the evidence for inhalers for COPD. We discuss the evidence and studies that look at the important outcomes behind the multitude of different puffers. At the end we discuss how we would use about these agents in practice.

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See episode #292

OTHER Read more »

Episode 292: COPD – Continually Offering Puffer Devices

In episode 292, Mike and James delve into COPD – we briefly discuss smoking cessation and then all the evidence behind the multitude of different puffers. At the end we leave the audience hanging as we plan to discuss how to actually use these agents in the next podcast.

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COPD handout

Episode 208: PREMIUM – COPD, gout and NSAIDs oh my

In episode 208, James and Mike PREMIUM to the max with three interesting studies that could change your practice. We talk about duration of steroids for COPD exacerbations, when to start allopurinol after a gout attack and which NSAIDs are the safest from a cardiovascular perspective. You need to hear all about this!

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Episode 191: A New Year brings new questions and some new but mainly old answers – PART III

In episode 191, Mike and James finally get to the end of the latest listener questions. We try our best to answer issues about niacin, insulin, COPD, hypertension and most importantly sputum color. At the end we also question the questioner’s questions, which leads us to even more questioning. Read more »

Episode 153: Roflumilast when you add it on for COPD does it add up?

In episode 153, James and Mike attempt to breath life into a new agent for COPD called roflumilast. Unfortunately, by the end of the podcast we find out that the effect of this agent doesn't leave Mike and James breathless but unfortunately it will leave our COPD patients that way. 

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Episode 147: Definitively vague questions with vaguely definitive answers

In episode 147, Mike and James cover the issue of humor in teaching, put drugectomies in LTC facilities into perspective, discuss the use of antibiotics in COPD, and finally contextualize bisphophonates and estrogen for fracture reduction. At the end they agree that the 30 minutes of podcast excellence should leave the audience laughing and crying but not for the right reasons. Read more »

Episode 124: PREMIUM - Two pulmonary studies with useful results and yet again more data on calcium

In episode, 124 James and Mike go all PREMIUM on the podcast and provide our wonderful PREMIUM subscribers with information that will make them much better health care practitioners than those listeners who are not PREMIUM podcast subscribers. Read more »

Episode 39: New trials you need to know about - Part II

In episode 39 we get to the 4 studies we didn’t get to in the previous podcast. We discuss evidence that BMI is as useful as cholesterol when it comes to estimating cardiovascular risk, inhaled corticosteroids increase risk of pneumonia in patients with COPD – but don’t worry just put them on daily erythromycin – and finally we discuss yet another antihypertensive trial. Read more »

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