Episode 251: PREMIUM – a new heart failure study and much, much more

In episode 251, PREMIUM Mike and James look at the most recent update of the ACCORD trial and find not a lot. We then look at a relatively new class of medication (neprilysin inhibitor) and actually find something but realise it all needs to be put into context. Read more »

Episode 215: Questions that lead to questions and then more questions - Part III

In episode 213, Mike and James get back to listener questions and we talk about hormones and VTE, gliptins, sulfonlyureas. statins, risk calculators, the elderly and statins and targets. At the end we answer the question “what is the meaning of life” but unfortunately we ran out of tape and this answer wasn’t recorded.

Show notes

1) The ESTHER study Read more »

Episode 214: PREMIUM – two more diabetes treatments that fail us yet again

In episode 214, James and Mike notch the discussion up to a PREMIUM level yet again. We discuss the 2 new gliptin studies, SAVOR-TIMI 53 (saxagliptin) and EXAMINE (alogliptin) and we find that low and behold these medications lower glucose and have no impact on cardiovascular disease. At the end we lament this lack of cardiovascular benefit by singing a chorus of “Another One Bites The Dust”. Read more »

Episode 204: Please stop measuring all those A1c levels

In episode 204, James and Mike get into a discussion about the use of A1c levels for diagnosing and treating type-2 diabetes. We discuss screening recommendations and the impact an elevated A1c has on cardiovascular disease and other outcomes. At the end we realize the key message is that we have to let patients know that having an elevated A1c does not indicate impending doom. Read more »

Episode 190: A New Year brings new questions and some new but mainly old answers – PART II

In episode 190, James and Mike answer questions about the zoster vaccine, the flu vaccine, then we shift to estrogen and diabetes and finally discuss something that is not controversial at all, the HPV vaccine.

Show notes

1) Flu vaccine controversy Read more »

Episode 189: A New Year brings new questions and some new but mainly old answers

In episode 189, James and Mike start off the New Year by briefly discussing the results of the TEC podcast survey. We then delve into some great listener questions. We talk about BMI, diabetes, antibiotic duration, statins etc and provide some great podcast answers. At the end we both drink champagne and get a little giddy - but we doubt anyone will notice. Read more »

Drugectomies - DTC 2010

This week we have something slightly different for you. Read more »

Episode 75: Starting insulin and stopping pain or is it stopping insulin and starting pain?

In episode 75, Mike and James get together with Tina one more time to talk about two topics that have nothing to do with each other (starting insulin in type II diabetics and treating acute musculoskeletal pain in children). However, through the magic of podcasts we transition seamlessly from one topic to the other without any pain and without having to start insulin. Be amazed. Read more »

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