Episode 192: PREMIUM – New essential data on warfarin dosing, inhaled steroids, and exercise

In episode 192, Mike and James deliver yet more PREMIUM content, in a PREMIUM way to our PREMIUM listeners. We talk about new data on dosing warfarin, using inhaled steroids intermittently, and exercise in patients with heart disease.

Show notes

1) Warfarin dosing

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Episode 148: Definitively vague questions with vaguely definitive answers - PART II

In episode 148, Mike and James return to the town of Questionville and attempt to answer riddles from near and far. Despite Mike having a cold, we tackle long acting insulins, exercise, multivitamins and varenecline with near Herculean-like abilities but provide answers that are much more on the mere-mortal side.

Show notes

1) Long acting insulins Read more »

Episode 130: Getting exorcised about the evidence around exercise

In episode 130, Mike and James run directly into the face of the evidence around exercise and really sweat out the weightiness of the results. We actively find out that it's primarily all about quality of life, and that Mike bikes and James rollerblades to keep themselves as close to perfect physical specimens as possible. Read more »

Episode 106: Treating depression with the ultimate low-dose interventions

In episode 106, James and Mike welcome back our good friend and colleague from New Zealand, Bruce Arroll. Out of respect, we made sure there were no earthquakes during his visit because earthquakes, as we found out, can be somewhat depressing. Read more »

Episode 96: Making the treatment of low back pain less of a pain in the derrière – part 2

In episode 96, Mike and James continue on with the discussion around evidence for low back pain treatment. They discuss things like traction, heat, exercise and bedrest and then finally get into drugs - not personally of course, at least not much, but into the discussion  of which ones work and by how much. Read more »

Episode 43: Obesity – what’s the big deal? - Part III

In episode 43, we take our last run/jog at the problem of obesity by exercising our right to talk about the benefits of increasing activity. Read more »

Episode 32: Aches and Pains: An Overview of Osteoarthritis Treatment

In our 32nd episode we review the therapeutic options for the treatment of osteoarthritis. We first deal with lifestyle interventions for osteoarthritis. We consider the pain pharmaceuticals like acetaminophen, topical or oral NSAIDs, and opiates as well as some of the other osteoarthritis therapies such as glucosamine or steroid injections. Read more »

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