frail elderly


Episode 78: The frail elderly - treat symptoms first, last and in the middle - Part III

In episode 78, the final one on the frail elderly, Mike and James, with John Sloan, deal with what is really important to the frail elderly, and that is symptom control. We discuss pain and opioids, sleep and benzos, and combativeness and whatever seems to work - but all in very low doses. Read more »

Episode 77: The frail elderly - blood pressure is good - Part II

In episode 77, Mike and James stop waxing philosophically and get specific about therapeutics and the frail elderly. Once again we get our friend and colleague John Sloan to help us navigate through this evidence-free zone. We specifically talk about how to deal with the patient on 47 drugs and what to do about blood pressure, cholesterol, osteoporosis, and type 2 diabetes. Read more »

Episode 76: The frail elderly - "philosophy first" - Part I

In episode 76, Mike and James explore the topic of the treatment of the frail elderly. To do this properly, we bring in an "expert", Dr John Sloan, who has spent the majority of his practice driving to the homes of the frail elderly and taking care of them. Read more »

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