Episode 205: Please stop measuring all those A1c levels – PART II

In episode 205, Mike and James continue with their discussion on the use of A1c levels in type-2 diabetes. We discuss the variability in the measurement of A1c and given this, how tricky it is to use the A1c once therapy has been started. Read more »

Episode 204: Please stop measuring all those A1c levels

In episode 204, James and Mike get into a discussion about the use of A1c levels for diagnosing and treating type-2 diabetes. We discuss screening recommendations and the impact an elevated A1c has on cardiovascular disease and other outcomes. At the end we realize the key message is that we have to let patients know that having an elevated A1c does not indicate impending doom. Read more »

Episode 97:New stuff that we found - MMR/autism, metformin, A1c and colchicine

In Episode 97, Mike and James present listeners with 4 'diamonds in the rough' which should have an impact on practice, or at least get you trending towards a change. Information on MMR and autism, metformin and Vit B12, HbA1C not being zero, and low dose colchicine are presented with the usual clarity and profoundness listeners have come to expect from the podcast. Read more »

Episode 60: Type 2 Diabetes – how sweet it isn’t – Part VI

In episode 60, the sixth podcast in our saga on type-2 diabetes, we talk about what to do when metformin is not enough and get to the evidence surrounding other blood glucose lowering treatments. We fumble around in a pretty much evidence-free zone. Read more »

Episode 58: Type 2 Diabetes – how sweet it isn’t – Part IV

In episode 58, the fourth in our installment of podcasts on diabetes, we briefly talk about the evidence surrounding intensive glucose lowering (ACCORD, ADVANCE, VADT and UKPDS trials) - podcasts #9 and #38 did this in more detail. Read more »

Episode 57: Type 2 Diabetes – how sweet it isn’t – Part III

In episode 57, we continue yet again with the topic of type 2 diabetes. In this podcast, we talk about monitoring HbA1C, self-monitoring of blood glucose and, diabetes education in general. We hear Jillian Popel suggest not only is self-monitoring of glucose not really useful when it comes to overall glucose control, it in fact might be harmful. Read more »

Episode 56: Type 2 Diabetes - how sweet it isn’t - Part II

Episode 56 continues from where we left off last time with type 2 diabetes. In this podcast, we bring out the numbers and put the risks of diabetes into context by discussing the absolute cardiovascular risks associated with different levels of HbA1c. In addition, we talk about other things to look at in the evaluation of type 2 diabetes and Jillian Popel again joins us for the ride. Read more »

Episode 55: Type 2 Diabetes - how sweet it isn't

Episode 55 starts off a "sweet" new topic - type 2 diabetes. In the first podcast on this topic we talk about the whole issue of the diagnosis of diabetes, how to make the diagnosis and to some degree what the diagnosis means. Read more »

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