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Episode 308: PREMIUM – The HOPE-3 trial and does it bring hope?

In episode 308, James and Mike go over the HOPE-3 trial results in hopefully a hopeful way and we hope that people will appreciate the review. At the end we hope that nobody does any more statin trials ever again but we aren’t to hopeful about that possibility.

Show notes

1) HOPE-3 trials

Statin Read more »

Episode 303: PREMIUM – Blood pressure, back pain, and chlamydia

In episode 303, James and Mike finally get back into PREMIUM mode. We discuss two new hypertension meta-analyses that help clarify (at least somewhat) what we can be discussing with patients. In addition, we discuss a great new study on acute back pain and whether or not we should add a narcotic or a muscle relaxant and one study on what to use for chlamydia. Read more »

Episode 295: PREMIUM - Taking a run at the SPRINT trial

In episode 295, Mike and James discuss the latest blood pressure target trial in an impressive PREMIUM way. We also discuss the most recent meta-analysis that looked at all of the studies (except SPRINT) that have evaluated intensive blood pressure lowering. Read more »

Episode 283: PREMIUM – Glucose, blood pressure and statin studies to the max

In episode 283, Mike and James discuss the latest T2DM study showing that sitagliptin at least doesn’t cause much harm. We then veer off to discuss everything you need to know about diastolic and systolic blood pressure and how are they associated with CVD. Finally we discuss an n-of-1 study looking at statin-related myalgia. Bottom line – this was clearly a PREMIUM podcast. Read more »

Episode 228: PREMIUM – The new JNC8 high blood pressure guidelines dissected and exposed

In episode 228, Mike and James deconstruct the most recent JNC 8 high blood pressure guidelines. We discuss what is good and bad and we debate the issues and what the changes might mean for practice. Read more »

Episode 207: Please stop measuring all those blood pressures – PART II

In episode 207, Mike and James keep up the pressure on blood pressure measurements. We talk about the magnitude of the benefit, the variability of all these measurements and get into the whole starting and stopping approach. At the end of the podcast we decide the bottom line is to not panic, sit back, put up your feet and relax and try to get your patients to do the same thing. Read more »

Episode 206: Please stop measuring all those blood pressures

In episode 206, James and Mike start to tackle the holy gospel of blood pressure measurements and interestingly feel under pressure the entire way due to the trickiness of the evidence. Read more »

Episode 158: You say chlorthalidone I say hydrochlorothiazide

In episode 158, Mike and James work under very distressing conditions (no microphones, colds, Bubonic plague) and discuss the issue of which thiazide should you choose. Evidence, personal experience and values swirl continually through the diatribe. Read more »

Episode 102: Blood pressure targets: Bullseye or Bulls--t

In episode 102, Mike and James, with laser precision, look at the evidence around blood pressure targets. We cover data in non-diabetics, diabetics, chronic kidney disease and the elderly. At the end they agree that the BP target we used 30 years ago (140/90) is still pretty good. Read more »

Episode 94: More questions posed, and more answers composed - Benzos, serotonin syndrome, big pressures and low doses

In episode 94, we get to yet more listener questions and provide vague, yet deep and thoughtful answers. We talk about the use of benzodiazepines, serotonin syndrome, buspirone, 'urgent' hypertension and pontificate even more on low doses. Read more »

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