Episode 222: Do we have any treatments for osteoporotic vertebral fracture pain?

In episode 222, James, Mike and Tina discuss why calcitonin was taken off the market and then what is still available to reduce the pain associated with osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures. At the end we realize we really don’t have a lot and there is no evidence to really guide us so basically all we can do is use analgesics. Read more »

Episode 216: Questions that lead to questions and then more questions - Part IV

In episode 216, Mike and James finally get to the last of the listener questions. We discuss the numbers around the pneumococcal and influenza vaccines, metformin and contraindications, the timing of antihypertensives, and stuff for osteoporosis. Read more »

Episode 202: Please stop measuring all those bone densities

In episode 202, Mike and James continue their testing deconstruction process. This week they take on bone mineral densities and discuss when (almost never) and when not to get these measurements. The podcast clocks in at a dense 44 minutes but the result is a real gem (mineral).

Show notes

1) OST – Osteoporosis Self-assessment Tool Read more »

Episode 151: PREMIUM Aiming high and long with two studies that should impact practice

In episode 151, James and Mike start of the new year with premium information so, by law we had to put it in a PREMIUM podcast. The first study we looked at was AIM-HIGH which showed us that we might need to re-assess how we use niacin and we finally have some reasonable data that helps us figure out how long to stay on a bisphosphonate.

Show notes Read more »

Episode 147: Definitively vague questions with vaguely definitive answers

In episode 147, Mike and James cover the issue of humor in teaching, put drugectomies in LTC facilities into perspective, discuss the use of antibiotics in COPD, and finally contextualize bisphophonates and estrogen for fracture reduction. At the end they agree that the 30 minutes of podcast excellence should leave the audience laughing and crying but not for the right reasons. Read more »

Episode 127: Questions from near and far and answers from way out - Part III

In episode 127, Mike and James attempt to answer questions about topical NSAIDs, bleeds on NSAIDs and SSRIs, Strep throat, statins in the UK, and NSAIDs and CVD risk. They smish and smash all the available data into partly coherent answers, yet give definitive and dogmatic answers with the conviction of a dog with a bone or a cardiologist with a statin. Read more »

Episode 91: A potpourri of osteoporosis stuff

In episode 91, yet again we bring in Mike K and Tina K to help us out with some very useful clinical information surrounding the issue of bone density and osteoporosis. We look at studies from the BMJ (Bowel Medical Journal), one of Mike A's favourite journal, and we all agree that simple models should be used and repeat BMDs are basically not needed. Read more »

Episode 19: Osteoporosis: Treating for Fracture Reduction

Options in treatment, which ones have evidence of non-vertebral fracture and the absolute benefits of those treatments. We discuss reliability of monitoring bone density of patients on therapy and the duration of therapy.

Show Notes

1) Evidence for fracture reduction Read more »

Episode 18: Osteoporosis: The Initial Approach to Bone-Density

In episode 18 we consider the approach to questions of bone density and fracture risk. We use a series of cases to work through the risk of osteoporosis (using a simple tool) and help us decide on bone mineral density testing. We discuss initial options in the prevention of fractures including weight-bearing exercise, Calcium and Vitamin D (and its additional advantages). Read more »

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