Episode 312: PREMIUM – 4 new studies that you need to know about

In episode 312, Mike and James give you PREMIUM information on high dose Vit D, delayed antibiotics, spironolactone and pioglitazone. All this new evidence supports pretty much all the premium stuff we’ve been saying for years – thank goodness.

Show notes

1) Vitamin D

JAMA Intern Med 2016;176:175-83 Read more »

Episode 238: PREMIUM – two new cardiovascular studies and a bit about cough

In episode 237, James and Mike, your PREMIUM podcasters bring you two new cardiovascular studies which show no benefit on cardiovascular outcomes and then we quickly finish off with great data on how long do colds and coughs last. The results may surprise you or maybe not.

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Episode 129: PREMIUM - New studies on old and new diuretics

In episode 129, we get back to giving our listeners PREMIUM content and we end up spending the entire time talking about drugs that, in theory, make you pee - and you wonder why we call this a PREMIUM podcast. We discuss a synopsis of an old drug hydrochlorothiazide and then we discuss the most recent clinical trial of the new aldosterone antagonist eplerenone. Read more »

Episode 88: A hodgepodge from down under - smoking, ASA, antibiotics, NSAIDs, warfarin, spironolactone

In episode 88, James and Mike continue their conversation with Bruce Arroll from down under and cover a broad range of topics from smoking to antibiotics for acute bronchitis, warfarin, and spironolactone. At the end of the podcast Bruce and Mike decide that much of what James has to say is up and over the top.

Show notes

1) Stopping smoking benefit Read more »

Episode 35: Information on older drugs from an even older doctor

In this first episode of the New Year (Episode #35) we review nine (not ten) old drugs that should, in most circumstances, still likely play an important role in your day-to-day prescribing and recommendations. Dr Robert Rangno again joins us for this episode and provides us with some great clinical experience and some mediocre humour. Read more »

Episode 11: Taking the Pressure off: Other Drugs

In our 11th episode, we discuss the laundry list of the remaining hypertensive medications and their evidence. The issue of blood pressure as a surrogate marker is discussed and we encourage clinicians to focus on hypertensive agents that effect patient oriented outcomes. Read more »

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