Strep throat


Episode 127: Questions from near and far and answers from way out - Part III

In episode 127, Mike and James attempt to answer questions about topical NSAIDs, bleeds on NSAIDs and SSRIs, Strep throat, statins in the UK, and NSAIDs and CVD risk. They smish and smash all the available data into partly coherent answers, yet give definitive and dogmatic answers with the conviction of a dog with a bone or a cardiologist with a statin. Read more »

Episode 87: Increasing the likelihood you will use likelihood ratios?

In episode 87, Mike and James bring up the unlikely issue of likelihood ratios. As they knew they would likely have difficulty discussing this, they bring in the expert help of Bruce Arroll from New Zealand who really likes our podcast. We also like what he does as he has published so many useful articles in the area of rational therapeutics. Read more »

Episode 81: New studies about Vit K/INR, PUD, GABHS and statins

In episode 81, Mike and James talk about new studies. They run the gamut from Vitamin K, sequential therapy for peptic ulcer disease, single dose steroids for Strep throat and yet another meta-analysis of statin therapy. Read more »

Episode 79: Listener comments and questions with an attempt at answers

In episode 79, Mike and James get back to trying to answer questions posed by our wonderful listeners. We both, in our own minds, give wonderful, thoughtful and sensitive answers to issues associated with diabetes, statins, metformin, strep throat etc. Unfortunately, our producer Chris edited all these out and you are left with a lot of ranting and raving from the duo. Read more »

Episode 24: De-Bugging the Approaches to Ear Infections and Strep Throat

In episode 24, we continue the discussion of in-office infectious disease management. We discuss a case of AOM in an 8 year old child including the signs/symptoms important in making the diagnosis, pain control and the utility of antibiotics. Read more »

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