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Episode 179: Smoking out the evidence around screening for lung cancer

In episode 179, we again ask Tina Korownyk to join us to help with the topic of screening for lung cancer. We review the most recent study that looked at the risks and benefits of screening high-risk individuals (smoking history of at least 30 pack-years) with low dose CT. Read more »

Episode 178: Amoxicillin for everything that ails you and your patients

In episode 178, Mike and James invite Tina Korownyk to discuss the evidence around antibiotic choice for respiratory infections. We discuss issues surrounding the choice of treatment for CAP and upper respiratory infections in a very atypical way by suggesting that covering for atypicals may not be necessary. Read more »

Episode 139: PREMIUM - Irritating information about IBS and Cold-FX

In episode 139, James and Mike and Tina Korowynk talk about the available evidence for therapies for irritable bowel syndrome and our good friend and colleague Mike Kolber drops in for a few minutes at the end "runs through" the reality of the situation. Read more »

Episode 138: Seeing right through the evidence for the risk of CT scans

In episode 138, MIke and James celebrate their triumphant return from New Zealand by inviting Tina Korownyk to help explain the risks associated with CT scans and other forms of radiation. In addition, we ask her to help Mike with his fear of airport scanners and find out that just because a full body search feels good that doesn't make it right.

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Episode 121: An atraumatic way to break down the evidence around bone density measurements

In episode 121, Mike, James and Tina tackle the issue of who needs a bone density measurement and describe a simple tool that will help you with that decision.

However, at the end, Mike threatens to jump out of his building and James and Tina talk him down by promising not to measure his BMD more than once.

Show notes

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Episode 120: PREMIUM - Two interesting studies for your patients with coughs and colds

In Episode 120, Mike and James, in an attempt to truly make this a PREMIUM podcast, elicit Tina Korownyk to yet again help us unravel the mysteries of medicines. In this podcast, we report on two new studies that look at two old therapies for cough and cold symptoms (Vapor Rub and Zinc). Read more »

Episode 92: Bupropion for sex and surgery for MS

In episode 92, we do a final session with our two family physician friends and colleagues, Mike K and Tina K. We start off with Tina discussing some satisfying evidence for the use of bupropion in women with low sexual desire which causes sexually related personal distress. Read more »

Episode 91: A potpourri of osteoporosis stuff

In episode 91, yet again we bring in Mike K and Tina K to help us out with some very useful clinical information surrounding the issue of bone density and osteoporosis. We look at studies from the BMJ (Bowel Medical Journal), one of Mike A's favourite journal, and we all agree that simple models should be used and repeat BMDs are basically not needed. Read more »

Episode 90: Zoster pain and the pain of using PPIs with clopidogrel

In episode 90, Mike and James solicit the mainly brilliant, but always delightful help of Mike Kolber and Tina Korownyk. We talk about what to do for the chronic pain that can be associated with Herpes zoster and we have a quick look at the old and new data surrounding the area of PPIs and platelet inhibitors. Read more »

Episode 75: Starting insulin and stopping pain or is it stopping insulin and starting pain?

In episode 75, Mike and James get together with Tina one more time to talk about two topics that have nothing to do with each other (starting insulin in type II diabetics and treating acute musculoskeletal pain in children). However, through the magic of podcasts we transition seamlessly from one topic to the other without any pain and without having to start insulin. Be amazed. Read more »

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