Episode 109: More, questions, questions and more questions

In episode 109, Mike and James continue on with listener questions and start off trying to reduce the risk of using risk assessment tools and risk reduction information. They then delve into questions about tapering steroids, antidepressants, side effects from thiazides and sitagliptin and the amazing clarity of their answers is only outdone by the vagueness of their conclusions. Read more »

Episode 99: Tiotropium, ACCORD and that's it

In episode 99, Mike and James shed light on two useful new trials. We breath air into what to do with patients with asthma who don't respond completely to inhaled corticosteroids and we take a close look with improved visual acuity at the microvascular data from ACCORD. Read more »

Episode 79: Listener comments and questions with an attempt at answers

In episode 79, Mike and James get back to trying to answer questions posed by our wonderful listeners. We both, in our own minds, give wonderful, thoughtful and sensitive answers to issues associated with diabetes, statins, metformin, strep throat etc. Unfortunately, our producer Chris edited all these out and you are left with a lot of ranting and raving from the duo. Read more »

Episode 64: More listener questions with answers leaving more questions - Part II

In episode 64, we finish off the listener questions and comments and clarify the murkiness, or murkify the clariness, around a number of cardiovascular issues. By the end of the podcast, both Mike and James are heavier because they eat up all the "sweet" comments made by their listeners.

Show Notes

1) BMJ hypertension meta-analysis Read more »

Episode 61: Type 2 Diabetes – how sweet it isn’t – Part VII

In the 61st episode, the seventh podcast in our thesis on type-2 diabetes, we get off the topic of glucose and talk about STENO and blood pressure treatments. We decide the bottom line is control of blood pressure with low doses of thiazides and ACE inhibitors with no tolerance for side effects. Read more »

Episode 60: Type 2 Diabetes – how sweet it isn’t – Part VI

In episode 60, the sixth podcast in our saga on type-2 diabetes, we talk about what to do when metformin is not enough and get to the evidence surrounding other blood glucose lowering treatments. We fumble around in a pretty much evidence-free zone. Read more »

Episode 59: Type 2 Diabetes – how sweet it isn’t – Part V

In episode 59, the fifth podcast in our diatribe on type-2 diabetes, we finally get to the evidence surrounding specific treatments. The importance of lifestyle is discussed and then the rest of the time is spent talking about the who, what, why, where, and when’s of metformin. James asks lots of rhetorical questions and Mike tries to answer them in a grandiloquent way. Read more »

Episode 58: Type 2 Diabetes – how sweet it isn’t – Part IV

In episode 58, the fourth in our installment of podcasts on diabetes, we briefly talk about the evidence surrounding intensive glucose lowering (ACCORD, ADVANCE, VADT and UKPDS trials) - podcasts #9 and #38 did this in more detail. Read more »

Episode 56: Type 2 Diabetes - how sweet it isn’t - Part II

Episode 56 continues from where we left off last time with type 2 diabetes. In this podcast, we bring out the numbers and put the risks of diabetes into context by discussing the absolute cardiovascular risks associated with different levels of HbA1c. In addition, we talk about other things to look at in the evaluation of type 2 diabetes and Jillian Popel again joins us for the ride. Read more »

Episode 55: Type 2 Diabetes - how sweet it isn't

Episode 55 starts off a "sweet" new topic - type 2 diabetes. In the first podcast on this topic we talk about the whole issue of the diagnosis of diabetes, how to make the diagnosis and to some degree what the diagnosis means. Read more »

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