Episode 315: A way to think about antidotes for anticoagulants - PART II

In episode 315, James, Mike and Peter Loewen finish talking about the whole issue of antidotes for anticoagulants. In this podcast we focus on how we can have the conversation about these products with patients to allow for as much as possible, shared decision-making.

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Episode 314: A way to think about antidotes for anticoagulants

In episode 314, James and Mike welcome Peter Loewen back to the podcast to help us think through how we should frame the whole issue around antidotes for anticoagulants. At the end, we realise it is much more than just do we or do we not have an antidote.

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Episode 247: How the new anticoagulants compare to warfarin in DVTs and PEs

In episode 247, Mike and James and Mike look at the evidence for the new anticoagulants compared to warfarin in the treatment of DVTs and PEs. At the end we realise the decision between these agents is a personal one guided by the best available evidence, which hopefully we have done an OK job in providing.

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Episode 192: PREMIUM – New essential data on warfarin dosing, inhaled steroids, and exercise

In episode 192, Mike and James deliver yet more PREMIUM content, in a PREMIUM way to our PREMIUM listeners. We talk about new data on dosing warfarin, using inhaled steroids intermittently, and exercise in patients with heart disease.

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1) Warfarin dosing

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Episode 180: A RELYable ARISTOTELian look at ROCKET science

In episode 180, Mike and James invite Mike Kolber back to go over the three major trials that have compared warfarin to the new oral anticoagulants. We try, with limited success, to put all the science into perspective. At the end of the podcast, against all odds, we each have a stroke and a major bleed at the same time which dampens our recommendations.

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Episode 142: Polypharmacy - a pollyanna approach to a polymorphic problem - Part III

In episode 142, Mike and James finish off the elderly, but hopefully not literally, by discussing some key RCTs that help inform us as to a few medications that likely should be part of your discussion/armamentarium with your elderly patients. At the end Mike extols the virtues of low doses and James tells him I told you so.

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Episode 119: The mind boggles and the heart goes all a flutter - Part 3

In episode 119, Mike and James tackle a few final issues of atrial fibrillation - rate vs rhythm control, anticoagulation in the elderly, what do with high INR numbers, and short-term warfarin interruption. Read more »

Episode 118: The mind boggles and the heart goes all a flutter - Part 2

In episode 118, James and Mike continue their discussion of atrial fibrillation by going into details about the evidence for treating patients with atrial fibrillation and how to make decisions between ASA/warfarin/dabigatran and also what it means to be in or out of the INR therapeutic range. Read more »

Episode 117: The mind boggles and the heart goes all a flutter

In episode 117, Mike and James delve into the first of a few podcasts on options for atrial fibrillation. In this first podcast they look at ways to assess risks and talk at length about a web-based tool that makes the process as easy as possible. The process is so easy that the hearts of both Mike and James start to flutter yet only one of them decides to take warfarin. Read more »

Episode 81: New studies about Vit K/INR, PUD, GABHS and statins

In episode 81, Mike and James talk about new studies. They run the gamut from Vitamin K, sequential therapy for peptic ulcer disease, single dose steroids for Strep throat and yet another meta-analysis of statin therapy. Read more »

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