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  • Reply to: Episode 354: Reporting lab results - the cause of, and the solution to, the overdiagnosis problem – Part III   2 months 12 hours ago

    I was more surprised by this podcast than I was expecting to be.  I just graduated from family medicine residency and can say that the majority of times lab results were just 5-10% out of the reference range, we were expected to get further workup.  This has been especially true for AST/ALT levels.  I can't count the number of times I've worked someone up for NAFLD at the direction of my advisors with AST/ALT levels in the 50s.  I find it shocking that lab results can be as high as +/- 60% with analytic and biologic variance.  One question I have is regarding the number of test ordered.  Is this in ordering the same test? It seems that each test you ordered would be independent of each other.  I don't understand how ordering 1 test could have a 5% chance of abormal result and ordering 20 test could have a 64% chance of having an abnormal result? 

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    I believe that Dr. Arroll's guest podcast about sleep disorders may have been uploaded in error here, rather than the skin disorders podcast. 

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    Nevermind, I just found their supplementary appendix which talks about this very issue.


    Interesting that the benefit seemed to be larger in non-Caucasian populations!