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    Thanks!   Well done!

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     Thank you for your review of the NEJM study of CPAP. I work as a RT in the states and this type of therapy has become somewhat of a mania in the US. I have heard many highly questionable claims regarding its use in my Con Ed classes. I think it is also interesting that this therapy has become quite a money maker for our health care system. Hummm

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    Thanks for another great podcast!  When buying some heart worm medicine for my dog I discovered that the on line pet supply companies sell all kinds of drugs for dogs, often at 10-20% of the "human" price.  The best deals seem to be for inhalers.  (combivent $55-costs $390 for humans;  flovent $35-costs $260 for humans).  My only question is how the heck do you get a dog to properly use an inhaler (when I struggle to get my human patients to use them properly)? And btw, these pet companies allow human doctors to write the Rx- they dont seem to care if you are a vet or not.  So for U.S. doctors you can save your patients a lot of $$$.