Premium Membership

What You Get as a Premium Podcast Member

1) Weekly Podcasts

Most (75%) of our weekly podcasts will continue to be provided for free up until they are 3 months old.

2) New Studies You Need to Know About Podcasts

Every 4th podcast or so we will do a "New Studies You Need to Know About" podcast and these will only be available to our Premium Podcast members.

3) Older Podcasts

Archived podcasts (3 months or older) will no longer be available for free – you will still be able to see the Show Notes but if you wish to listen to them you will need to become a Premium Podcast member.

4) Cost for the Membership

Yearly TEC Premium Podcast Membership

A) Health professional or any other non-student type person

TEC Auto-renewing yearly membership – $50

Premium Membership (Registered members only)

B) Student

TEC Auto-renewing yearly membership – $25

Student Membership (Registered members only)

C) Bulk memberships

Any organizations/groups/countries/mobs that would like to get a bulk membership please CONTACT US and we'll work something out

5) Now What?

A) Register on our site - this is free

1) Click on the "Login" button on the top right hand corner

2) Click an the "I want to create an account" button

3) Fill out the requested fields - we would like to know a little bit about the demographics of our listeners - we promise we won't use this info for anything else

4) Once that is done click " Create new Account" at the bottom of the page

You should now be registered on the site

B) Go get a Premium membership

1) Once you have registered on the site click on the "Get a Premium Membership" button on the right hand side of the website

2) Enter in your billing information - we are using Paypal (automatically selected) - a very secure way of paying for stuff on the internet

3) Click review order

4) If everything looks good click submit order and you will have purchased a membership

C) Login to the site

Once you have a Premium Membership, login to via the login button at the top of the site (you may already be logged-in) and you should be able to access all the Premium Podcasts and other Premium features.

D) Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes

To subscribe to the Premium Podcast in iTunes so that the podcasts get automatically downloaded to iTunes immediately after release, click the "Add Premium Podcast Feed to iTunes" button which is located on the side bar of the website - that should open up iTunes and set-up the automatic downloads and leave a feed entitled "Best Science (BS) Medicine - PREMIUM podcast" in your Podcast library.

E) Problems

If you have ANY problems please don't get annoyed, frustrated or exasperated - just contact us via the contact button at the top of the website and we'll respond ASAP - THANKS

Can I sign-up directly to the premium podcast through my iPhone or iPad to get access to all the podcasts?


2) While on your iPhone - copy the link below. Then go to the Apple Podcast app and click on the Library tab at the bottom. Select the edit option. Select the "Add a Podcast by URL..." option. You will be asked to add a url - paste the one you just copied. You will be then be asked to enter your username (NOT EMAIL) and password and then it should set up the premium feed in the app.


 1) Use the podcast app Downcast - it is 2.99 in the App Store but it works really well for premium podcasts

2) Click the + sign, click add podcast manually, add the following feed

3) Add in your username (NOT EMAIL) and password then click subscribe and it should work perfectly


1) Download/Install Podcastaddict (free of charge) from Google Play store

2) Open the app - on the right upper corner you will find the + sign - click on it

3) From multiple choices pick: Add RSS feed, YouTube channel, Soundcloud url

4) Copy and paste the following URL:

5) Check authentication (Premium podcast)

6) Fill in Username and Password and enjoy


All the podcasts will play on your iPhone/iPad but unfortunately, at present Apple does not allow you to sign-up directly for the PREMIUM podcast using these devices from what we can tell.

You need to use a computer with an up-to-date version of the iTunes app and click on the blue “Add Premium Podcast Feed to iTunes” button that is on the right hand side of the website to start the process of setting up the Best Science (BS) Medicine – PREMIUM podcast feed.

Once you have a feed set-up in iTunes if you sync you iPhone or iPad directly with your computer (using the chord) it should place the feed directly onto your mobile device.

I did all that and it STILL doesn’t work and it’s driving me crazy, now what?

1) Go into iTunes and delete EVERYTHING that has to do with the BS medicine podcast. You should probably do the same on your mobile device as well just to be sure.

2) Click the blue “Add Premium Podcast Feed to iTunes” button that is on the right hand side of the website to re-start the process of setting up the Best Science (BS) Medicine – PREMIUM podcast feed.

Can I download the Best Science (BS) Medicine podcasts directly to my computer?

Absolutely. Once you are a premium member and you have set-up a Premium podcast feed in iTunes you will be able to download all 200+ episodes of the podcast and they can all be put directly onto your mobile device. You can download them directly from the site as well but that is a tedious process.