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Episode 42: Obesity – what’s the big deal? – Part II

In episode 42, we continue to take a bite out of the big problem of obesity by getting down and dirty with “diets” and drugs. As usual, lifestyle issues win out and James and Mike celebrate this news by pigging out – but it’s OK because we used small plates.

Show Notes

1) Lifestyle beats out drugs

Stopping patients with IGT going to DM

Metformin, acarbose, rosiglitazone: NNT = 7-14 (?)1-4

Lifestyle NNT= 4-9 1,5,6

Developing the metabolic syndrome 7

Metformin vs Lifestyle NNT: Resolve = 20 vs 5

IGT to DM long-term

7 years 8 (3 yrs without intervention): NNT = 32/yr

20 years 9 (14 yrs without intervention): NNT 7 (or 140/yr) with 93% vs 80% DM

References for the above

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2) Little evidence for any one commercial diet over another

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3) No difference if you eat fat or protein or carbs

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4) Top 10 tips for weight loss

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5) Smaller plates

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6) Drugs for weight loss Sibutramine and orlistat

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7) Surgery for weight loss

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