Episode 327: Chocolate – evidently very beneficial, or is it?

In episode 327, Mike and James do a delicious podcast around the evidence for chocolate. We look at the cohorts and the RCTs that have looked at the effect of this heavenly food on outcomes like mortality, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, depression and acne. The results make us happy and smile.

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Episode 326: PREMIUM – New studies on renal stones, testosterone and sleep apnea

In episode 326, Mike (with James just there for his charm) goes over three studies in the area of renal stones, testosterone, and sleep apnea and the outcome, as expected, can be considered nothing but PREMIUM.

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1) Medical expulsive therapy in adults with ureteric colic: a multicentre, randomised, placebo-controlled trial  Read more »

Episode 325: 1+1 =3 Numeracy and shared-decision making – PART II

In episode 325, Mike and James continue their discussion about numbers and how to communicate risks. We discuss if people even want shared decisions and then if they do, what talk tools to use to facilitate that discussion.

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Episode 324: 1+1 =3 Numeracy and shared-decision making

In episode 324, Mike and James start a discussion about why numbers and our ability to communicate risks, benefits and harms to patients is crucial in today’s health care environment. Unfortunately, we find that many of us struggle with these concepts.

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Episode 323: LABA and steroids in asthma – is there any risk?

In episode 323, James and Mike go over two new studies that have looked at the risk of using LABAs in combination with inhaled corticosteroids in both adults and children. Bottom line – no increased risk, but also not a lot of benefit either.

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Safety of Adding Salmeterol to Fluticasone Propionate in Children with Asthma Read more »

Episode 322: PrEP’d for HIV prevention

In episode 322, Mike and James go over a new Tools for Practice that looked at the use of a combination product that may reduce the risk of HIV. It definitely seems to work but adherence is the key.

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Episode 321: A couple of new studies that will confirm or change your practice

In episode 321, James and Mike discuss two interesting studies. One is on the duration of antibiotics for community-acquired pneumonia and the other about the impact of total knee replacement on the overall quality of life. Interestingly, the results of these studies were different although that may have been the fact that one was on pneumonia and the other on TKR.

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Episode 320: PREMIUM – Our spin on the latest type 2 diabetes publications

In episode 320, Mike and James PREMIUM out yet again and talk about 3 new diabetes publications that our listeners have asked us about.

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1) LEADER Study

Liraglutide and Cardiovascular Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes

N Engl J Med 2016; 375:311-22 Read more »