In episode 383, James and Mike go over the IMPACT trial that looks at triple inhaler therapy for patients with COPD. We talk about how, unfortunately, the impact is not that impactful and then put all the results into context with the issues of placebo, patents and cost. 

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In episode 382, Mike and James and Gary Bloch decide to try to solve the problem of poverty. While we get somewhere, it becomes clear that it might take more than just doing a 30-minute podcast. Who would have thought? Nonetheless, we hope that some of the things we discuss will inspire others to continue the battle against this extremely important health issue.

In episode 381, Mike and James invite Gary Bloch to talk in detail about the impact of poverty on health, and more importantly what can we do about it for our patients. In particular, we start to discuss a very useful clinical tool for dealing with poverty in primary care.

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In episode 380, James and Mike continue celebrating their 10th podcasting anniversary with Tina K and Mike K and the silly studies and confusion continue to escalate.

Show notes

1) A randomized trial to assess the potential of different beverages to affect hydration status: development of a beverage hydration index.

In episode 379, James and Mike celebrate their 10th podcasting anniversary and bring in Tina K and Mike K to help alert the listeners to some exceedingly important studies that many listeners may have missed over the years.

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1) Beano and flatulence

J Fam Pract 1994 39:441-5

In episode 378, James, Tina and Mike go over the latest antidepressant meta-analysis from the Lancet. We talk about the fact that antidepressants do work, but importantly, what does “work” mean. Most importantly, we talk about what questions about antidepressants are not answered by this meta-analysis. At the end we put everything (to do with antidepressants) into its proper context.

In episode 377, Mike and James finally get to the end of looking at all the available cannabinoid evidence and we continue to discuss how the evidence could be used in the context of a shared-decision making process.

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Simplified guideline for prescribing medical cannabinoids in primary care 

In episode 376, Mike and James take all the best available evidence around cannabinoid use and put the evidence into the concept of a shared-decision making guideline. Shocking as it may seem, shared-decision making is rarely a part of most guidelines but we show how valuable it can be to keep this concept in focus when it comes to giving suggestions for the use of many treatments.