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Episode 153: Roflumilast when you add it on for COPD does it add up?

In episode 153, James and Mike attempt to breath life into a new agent for COPD called roflumilast. Unfortunately, by the end of the podcast we find out that the effect of this agent doesn’t leave Mike and James breathless but unfortunately it will leave our COPD patients that way. 

Show notes

1)Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Cochrane Library CD002309

2) Is roflumilast (Daxas®) beneficial as an add-on therapy in the management of COPD?

Tools for Practice

3) Tiotropium or salmeterol for COPD?

N Engl J Med 2011;364:1093-1103

Episode 152: Leaking out the evidence around overactive bladders and urge incontinence

In episode 152, Mike and James stream to the listeners a synopsis of the literature associated with treatments for overactive bladder and urge incontinence. Despite constant interruptions by James, Mike is able to provide a torrent of useful tips and suggestions for this common problem.

Show notes

1) Diagnosing Incontinence

Ann Intern Med 2006;144:715-723

2) Anticholinergics and pelvic floor exercises

Ann Intern Med 2008; 148; 459-73

3) Overactive bladder, urge incontinence and anticholinergic drugs

Tools for practice

4) Overactive bladder drugs

Cochrane 2006;4:CD00378

Cochrane 2007;4:CD003190

Cochrane 2005;3:CD005429

Episode 151: PREMIUM Aiming high and long with two studies that should impact practice

In episode 151, James and Mike start of the new year with premium information so, by law we had to put it in a PREMIUM podcast. The first study we looked at was AIM-HIGH which showed us that we might need to re-assess how we use niacin and we finally have some reasonable data that helps us figure out how long to stay on a bisphosphonate.

Show notes

1) AIM-HIGH – Niacin added to statins in patients with cardiovascular disease

N Engl J Med 2011; 365:2255-67

2) The idolatry of the surrogate 

BMJ 2011;343:d7995

3) HORIZON-Pivotal Fracture Trial – using zoledronic acid for 3 years or 6 years

J Bone Min Res 2011 DOI:10.1002/jbmr.1494

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