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Episode 340: Manipulating research for spinal manipulative therapy for low back pain

In episode 340, Mike and James get all bent out of shape when they discuss the evidence around spinal manipulative therapy and low back pain. The evidence suggests no reliable effect for acute pain but the possibility of an effect for chronic pain. But any recommendations are a stretch because of the poor quality of the evidence.

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 Tools for practice

Manipulating research for spinal manipulative therapy for low back pain


Episode 339: All you need is glove, and tap water

In episode 339, Mike and James talk about the evidence that has do with do with whether you need to use sterile gloves and saline for excisions and lacerations. The answer is that you should insert a suppository with the non-tapered end first.  Listen to the podcast and see how we come to that conclusion.

Show notes

1) Tools for practice

All You Need is Glove: Are non-sterile gloves safe for excisions in the office? 

Lacerations: Sterile Gloves & Water?

2) Rectal suppository: commonsense and mode of insertion

Lancet 1991;338:798-800

Episode 338: Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis: Can the yeast be beat?

In episode 338, Tina, Mike and James go over the best available evidence around the treatment for recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis and we find that we can reduce relapse with regular use of azole antifungals or we could just treat when symptoms occur – guess what, it’s all up to patient preference. Oh, and treating the partner makes no difference.

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Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis: Can the yeast be beat?

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