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Ahhgg – the completely lost episodes

Hi Everyone: Well we tried to get back the “lost” recordings but the cost of doing so would have offset the debt of a small country. Mike and I will be back in the luxurious TEC studies next Monday so we should be able to put out a new podcast sometime next week. Thanks for you patience.

The Lost Podcast Episodes

Hi Everyone. Mike and I recorded a couple of podcasts 4-5 days ago and 2 hours after recording them the computer we used had a major hard drive failure. So far we have been unable to recover the recordings. We have a few more tricks up our sleeve to recover the files but we can’t do anything until after the Easter holidays. Hopefully we’ll get the next latest and greatest (at least in our minds) podcasts posted next week sometime. If we can’t recover the data, we’ll have to re-record them and so it may take a little longer. Thanks and both of us hope you have a good time with family and friends over this long weekend and as always thanks for listening.

Episode 122: The evolution of an evidence-based doctor


In episode 122, James and Mike welcome to the podcast a good friend and colleague Mark McConnell, an internist from Lacrosse, Wisconsin. We discuss how Mark became interested in evidence and how his practice has evolved, for the better, by incorporating the concepts of evidence and shared-informed decision making. At the end we get a very special message from Reverend Lovejoy’s identical twin who really provides us with the most insightful comment of the whole podcast.

Episode 121: An atraumatic way to break down the evidence around bone density measurements

In episode 121, Mike, James and Tina tackle the issue of who needs a bone density measurement and describe a simple tool that will help you with that decision.

However, at the end, Mike threatens to jump out of his building and James and Tina talk him down by promising not to measure his BMD more than once.

Show notes

1) Tools for Practice

Screening for Osteoporosis – Who Should Receive Bone Mineral Density Testing?

2) Osteoporosis Self Assessment Tool (OST)

Simple application of OST:

Age – Weight (kg)

If greater than minus 5, increased risk of osteoporosis and BMD is warranted

A cut-off of greater than positive 5 should be used for Asian patients.

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