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Episode 405: Buprenorphine-naloxone for pharmaceutical opioid use disorder

In episode 405, Mike and James, with yet again the very smart and helpful Tina Korownyk, go over the evidence for buprenorphine-naloxone for pharmaceutical opioid use disorder. While the evidence is at moderate to high risk of bias the results are fairly impressive with NNTs of 3-5.

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Tools for Practice

Is buprenorphine (with or without naloxone) effective as maintenance therapy in pharmaceutical opioid use disorder?

Episode 404: Does your patient have an opioid use disorder?

In episode 404, Mike and James, with the very capable Tina Korownyk, go over the approach to what tools to use to help determine if a patient has an opioid use disorder (OUD). We talk about a simple tool called the Prescription Opioid Misuse Index (POMI), a 6-point questionnaire with strong predictive ability for OUD which seems to be a reasonable case-finding tool. 

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Tools for Practice

Does this patient taking prescription opioids have opioid use disorder?

Episode 403: Therapeutic nihilists – I doubt that – PART IV

In episode 403, Mike and James finally finish up their clear demonstration as to why they aren’t therapeutic nihilists.  We focus on system/ecological issues and specifically primary care – the bottom line is things aren’t as bad as they sometimes seem, but things could always be better – you heard it here first.

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