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Episode 140: Polypharmacy – a pollyanna approach to a polymorphic problem

In episode 140, Mike and James do a lot of drugs in an attempt to bring a reality to the whole concept of polyharmacy. After recovering, we try to present a lucid and comprehensive approach to the issues of polypharmacy and come to the realisation that drugs can be good, bad and ugly all in the same person and you have to individualise to rationalise.

Show notes

1) Polypharmacy/polyproblem numbers

J Am Med Dir Assoc 2011 Aug 11

BMC Clinical Pharmacology 2010;10:16 

N Engl J Med 1994;331:821-7

Drugs Aging 2011;28:547-60

Drugs Aging 2009;26:1039-48

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MJA 2008;189:72-7

2) Solutions?

Drugs Aging 2008;25:307-24

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Episode 139: PREMIUM – Irritating information about IBS and Cold-FX

In episode 139, James and Mike and Tina Korowynk talk about the available evidence for therapies for irritable bowel syndrome and our good friend and colleague Mike Kolber drops in for a few minutes at the end “runs through” the reality of the situation. We then talk about the recent publication of the largest trial of Cold-FX and find that what wasn’t shown to be statistically different is at least if not more important than what was shown to be statistically different.

Show notes

1) IBS evidence

Cochrane Library

2) The latest Cold-FX trial

Influenza Research and Treatment Volume 2011, Article ID 759051

Episode 138: Seeing right through the evidence for the risk of CT scans

In episode 138, MIke and James celebrate their triumphant return from New Zealand by inviting Tina Korownyk to help explain the risks associated with CT scans and other forms of radiation. In addition, we ask her to help Mike with his fear of airport scanners and find out that just because a full body search feels good that doesn’t make it right.

Show notes

1) Tools for practice

CT scans and other forms of low-dose ionizing radiation – What is the risk of cancer?

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