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Episode 172: A sporting look at sports injuries and their treatments

In episode 172, Mike and James welcome Karim Khan a sports physician to the podcast, and a marathon discussion about a variety of sports injuries and treatments ensues. We sprint towards discussions of patellofemoral syndrome, ankle sprains, stretching, ice, and NSAIDs and collapse at the finish line 45 minutes later.

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How to Critically Appraise an RCT in 10 Minutes

Critical appraisal skills have really become as important as the use of a stethoscope or the ability to write a legible prescription. However, I know that the thought of reviewing an RCT can seem like an insurmountable task and in fact will put many people into a heavy coma. 

Because of that I thought you might be interested in a “mini” book that I’ve just published through the iBook store. 

It is entitled “How to Critically Appraise an RCT in 10 Minutes” – you should be able to see the link to the book below. It is only readable on a 2nd generation iPad or higher.

This ebook will hopefully show you an approach that gets at 95% (I made that number up) of what you need to read and look for when it comes to analyzing an RCT. The ebook has interactive figures and some audio commentary to help you through the content. The book is free on the iBook store.

As this is the first edition I would LOVE feedback on how to make it better. THANKS

You can find it at the iBooks store by going to the following link

How to Critically Appraise an RCT in 10 Minutes


Episode 171: Answering questions then questioning the answers – PART III

In episode 171, we finally finish answering, or at least trying to, listener questions. We talk about growth hormone, tramadol, and cardiovascular risk and then realize it is all for naught as we also find out that most published research findings are false. That being the case we go back and erase the previous 170 podcasts.

Show notes

1) Oral growth hormone secretagogue

J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2009;94:1198-206

2) Tramadol for osteoarthritis

Cochrane review CD005522

3) Why most published research findings are false

PLoS Med 2005 



Therapeutics Education Collaboration Podcast Survey and iPad give-away

Dear TEC podcast listeners – please tell us what you think and you just might win a free iPad!

We’ve been doing the TEC podcast for 3 1/2 years (now over 5500 minutes of pure listening “pleasure”) and we thought it was finally time to get some specific feedback from our listeners.

We have created a survey which should hopefully take you less than 10 minutes to complete. We want to find out what you think about the podcast, what impact it has had on your practice and what changes could be made to improve the TEC podcast experience.

To thank you for doing this we plan to select one lucky survey responder and send then a free iPad so PLEASE let us know what you think!!!



Episode 170: Answering questions then questioning the answers – PART II

In episode 170, James and Mike continue their quest to answer the questions of the universe but fail and barely give answers to the podcast listener enquiries. We talk about thiazides and potassium, constipation, hazard a definition of hazard ratios and as always rant and rave about the lipid hypothesis or lack thereof.

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