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The BS Medicine Podcast episodes are presented by James McCormack and Michael Allan. We try to promote healthy skepticism and critical thinking and most of the podcasts are presented in a case-based approach. We also try to inject some humor into the whole process to make the learning more interesting. Occasionally we have great guests like Mike Kolber, Tina Korownyk, Adrienne Lindblad and many others help us out.

Benefits of a Premium Podcast Membership

  1. Full access to all new podcast episodes: Although 3 out of 4 episodes are released for free, every 4th episode or so is a “New Studies You Need to Know About” podcast and is only available to premium members.
  2. Access to the entire podcast archive: Archived episodes (older than about 1-2 months) are no longer available in the free podcast feed. Premium members have access to all archived episodes dating back to episode #1.

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A Premium Podcast membership is a $50 per year auto-renewing membership that can be cancelled at any time. Students can sign up for a discounted rate of $25 per year using the discount code “STUDENT”.

Any organizations, groups, countries, or even mobs that would like to purchase a bulk membership should contact us and we’ll work something out.

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Once you have purchased a premium membership, click here to see instructions on how to listen to the podcast!


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BS Medicine Podcast

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