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Episode 262: Televised medical talk shows – the recommendations and the evidence

In episode 262, Tina, Mike and James discuss the ins and outs of their new BMJ paper on televised medical talk shows.  TMJ and the gang did a thorough investigation of the recommendations made by two nationally televised medical talk shows (The Dr Oz Show and The Doctors). We looked at what specifically these shows recommended and what was the evidence behind these recommendations – in other words how believable were their recommendations. Have a listen, go read the paper and you’ll be armed with the best available evidence around the recommendations made by these shows. 

Show notes

The BMJ article

Televised medical talk shows—what they recommend and the evidence to support their recommendations: a prospective observational study

Episode 261: The periodic health exam gets examined – PART III

In episode 261, Mike and James finish examining the evidence surrounding the periodic health exam. We discuss the don’t do’s when it comes to test ordering and screening. At the end James congratulates Mike on the great job he did with this podcast trilogy and this shocks Mike so much he suggests James come in for an extensive periodic health exam.

Show notes

Episode 260: The periodic health exam gets examined – PART II

In episode 260, Mike and James continue examining the evidence surrounding the periodic health exam. We discuss the dos and maybe nots and the whats we should be doing around test ordering and screening. At the end we realise we probably do more than we really should and that is important for us and our patients to be aware of the benefits and harms of what we do.

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Our annual primary care evidence-based conference is BACK. The MEME conference is happening May 27/28 live and virtual in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Sure hope you can join us.


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