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A must for medical and pharmacy rotation students by TrentSteele on Dec 9, 2010

This podcast helps keep me up to date with the latest literature and has helped me learn to analyze it. It is fantastic even though the hosts are canadian. No but seriously this is excellent and I listen to it on the way to the hospital often. It has helped me in more ways than I can count and should be mandatory on every clinicians ipod.

Entertaining and essential for any rural providers by Yogman1 on 29-Nov-2010

I would consider this an essential tool for any rural providers as they cover a wide variety of topics and follow topics with a healthy dose of skepticism mixed with entertaining discussions and they manage to find papers even I have never heard of.  I’ve been a rural doc for 12 years and have found them essential to keep up with and help analyze the evidence.  Surprisingly (and encouragingly), I agree with their conclusions almost every time when I’ve looked at the same literature myself.

Excellent educative podcasts by colfht on 21-Nov-2010

I’ve only started to listen to this podcast over the last 2 months.  I’m truly impressed by them.  I’m a recent family medicine graduate (joined group practice 9 months ago); I’ve been recommending it to all my colleagues and wished I would of known about these when I was a student and resident.  So far all the topics have been clinically relevant with information I can actually use when talking to the patient. The real advantage is that I can freshen up on some concepts while driving to work, walking the dog or doing the dishes (which my wife is absolutely ecstatic about since I’ve now stopped using “got to go read up on such and such as an excuse to get away from doing them).

Accurate and relevant by Gp_to_be on 01-Nov-2010

Great podcast with focus on evidence based medicine and safe prescribing. Highly recommended for GPs, medical students and physicians. Thanks guys, it’s hard to find such high quality information aimed at doctors in primary care.

Excellent for working doctors by Purplegalen on 28-Oct-2010

A breath of fresh air amongst all the drug company influenced information/spin that is put out there. Practical, independent and relevant. Please keep it going! Thank you.

This podcast is better than sliced bread by bruce arroll on 09-Oct-2010

For generalist clinicians this is the best and most informative way to keep up with prescribing information. The presenters are witty and evidence based. For life long learning this is a must. I find it very convenient and either listen in the car or in the gym.

Essential listening for prescribers by Benny XVI on 08-Oct-2010

Anybody who has ever prescribed a medication, thought of prescribing a medication, has ever had a prescribed medication or knows someone affected by prescribed medications or their costs they should listen to this. If your medications cost way too much, if your medications cause too many unwanted side effects, download these podcasts and burn them to disc and ask, cajole, insist your doctor listen to them. I am a family physician in Australia, and these listening podcasts have affected my prescribing in so many ways. If a patient is on hydrochlorothiazide and their diabetes is poorly controlled, cut back the dose to 6.25 or even 3.125mg. It still works. 40 Mg Atorvastatin or 80 Mg Simvastatin, which costs the least? The silent killer of hypertension? No more. The effectiveness of Ezetemibe 1mg works as well as 10mg (at 1/10th the cost, indeed you could argue for this medication 0mg works just as well).

Great series by ShaggyD0g on 06-Oct-2010

I am really enjoying listening to this podcast.  Apart from the ‘crappy’ gags, James and Mike actually have something to offer in the way of a rationalised and practical approach to tackling the phenomenon of “evidence based practice”.

Very Useful by HP Doc on 5-Oct-2010

James and Mike do a great job at working through the evidence so that we can make better clinical decisions.  Thanks guys, and keep it up!

American family med intern by aaalter on Sep 27, 2010

Great review of the evidence for medical intervention. Also, a really nice discussion of how to apply literature to your practice.

Truly brilliant! by myxie on 20-Sep-2010

Truly brilliant. As a first year resident in Family Medicine in Edmonton, these podcasts have helped me navigate through the seemingly endless amounts of contradictory, confusing, and contrived evidence in general practise.  James and Mike are fun to listen to, and the information is directly applicable to the kinds of questions I encounter when working with patients.

Thanks for being so awesome!

Great by ajneill on 19-Sep-2010

I work as an emergency medicine doc with an interest in primary care issues in the ED and find this podcast invaluable for understanding and rejecting a lot of the nonsense that gets put in guidelines. Keep up the good work guys

A must for all family practice residents by ontario FP resident on 8-Sep-2010

This podcast really helps to consolidate the medical information I have learned during medical school and residency. I look forward to each podcast and apply it in my training daily. BTW Mike your laugh is very infectious and the back and forth banter really brings otherwise dry material to life.

This will change how you practice medicine by Kjjay on Aug 22, 2010

Each episode there’s something interesting to learn, and it’s presented in the most entertaining way!  I wish there were more medical podcasts this enjoyable, but so far I haven’t found any that measure up to this standard.

Outstanding show by BH Internist on Aug 20, 2010

James and Mike do a super job getting to the nuts and bolts of every issue and giving physicians actionable information.  The data they have presented has either reinforced my practice or encouraged me to change because I have a better handle on the evidence.  The podcasts are just the right length to get you through your morning workout!

Always something new to learn by MedicineMan911 on 18-Aug-2010

I really enjoy these podcasts. The hosts are easy to listen to and can find humour in almost anything. As a medical student starting my clinical rotations, I always learn something new while listening. I was particularly interested to hear that we may change the way antibiotics are prescribed for respiratory tract infections. I was taught (even last year) that you have to go through your entire course of antibiotics so as to “reduce drug resistance” even when you might feel better 3 days into a 7 day treatment for example. The podcast highlighted new evidence that patients should only take their antibiotics for a day or two after they feel better, and that finishing an entire course of antibiotics may not be important in reducing antibiotic resistance at all. This was quite a surprise, and potentially game changing for day to day practice. Learn something new everyday…

Practice Changing Information by EBM Rocker on 18-Aug-2010

Nobody else is fulfilling the role these guys have decided to take-on. Mike and James bring a truly rational perspective to medical care. This podcast provoked me into learning more about EBM and thus making more than a few changes to the way I practice — for the better I hope.  I look back on how I used to practice with humility (and a bit of shame) – I am more aware of the benefits and limitations to the care I provide. Keep up the great work guys, what you are doing is practice changing!

From USA and Hawaii, GREAT STUFF and Good to learn from! by MaleFNP808 on Aug 18, 2010

Great stuff to listen to and learn accurate information. I love it how it has humor. Humor also makes it interesting and makes me look forward to what comedic comment comes next. Makes me remember it better lol… I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner student and this is great for primary care in addition to some other podcasts. Now that you can get CME from this, its even better and it shows that this is legit!

Highly recommended by intern doc on Jul 5, 2010

Great podcast – they take a topic that not everybody is crazy about – evidence-based medicine – and present it in an interesting and informative way.  Unlike a lot of other medical podcasts, this isn’t just somebody reading abstracts for half an hour but rather a back and forth discussion between a family doctor and a pharmacist.  Sort of like Car-Talk without the humor…. well, they try to be funny sometimes.  The discussion format really makes it much more listenable compared to most podcasts.  There is an EBM slant here – if somebody didn’t do a study showing that gravity does indeed exist, I’m not sure they’d believe in it – but definitely a well-planned, well-executed series.  A must-listen for any medical student or resident.  Incidentally, a careful listener may notice subtle differences between the practice of medicine in Canada and here in the US, which is always good food for thought as well.

l by lemmw on 19-Jun-2010

Great up to date, strait up, dont beat around the bush, information…and pracitcal as well…learning a bunch. Thanks.

Therapeutics Education Collaboration by Jeff K. Shnall on 7-Jun-2010

Definitely Worth a listen!  I am a practising dentist.  This podcast gives me an good insight into the prescribing practices of physicians for a variety of illnesses.  As a dentist it provides a good review of the benefits and possible side effects of many of the drugs that many of my patients are on and greater insight on how physicians manage different medical conditions pharmacologically and non-pharmacologically.  I have learned some definite kernels of wisdom re:  patient management that I can use in my own practise. All this and entertaining as well.  Great podcast!

Very very useful and entertaining by FP resident 2 on 5-Jun-2010

Very useful and practical review of the most up to date information. I listen to it everyday to work and starting to incorporate new information in the way I practice.  I no longer rigidly follow guidelines and pushing medications but rather involve patients in the discussion. And these podcasts give me just tools I need. I also love the pearls on how to make lifestyle changes. I only wish I had known about the podcasts much earlier in my training. Very entertaining at the same time. Keep up the great work!

Outstanding by mikejoha on Jun 4, 2010

TECH podcasts are of high quality.  The reliance on pharma research is a bit disturbing (that was sarcasm).

FNP-C by MeanJJ on Apr 13, 2010

Love, love , love everything about you! Thank you! You rock !!!

Fun, entertaining, valuable and confusing 🙂 by Dr. Doc Rock on Apr 10, 2010

These podcasts will improve your practice and your patients lives.  In the meantime, it will make your head spin and question everything you know.  Fun to listen to at any time.

Evidence based, practical and entertaining: best therapeutics podcast yet~ by darkangel_mya on 8-Apr-2010

A wonderful, useful podcast that never fails to impress. Relevant, important topics that are brilliantly covered in a way that always leaves me with a smile on my face.

I am such a huge fan of this podcast. As a pharmacy student, learning and abiding by the guidelines can be stiffling at times. This podcast is a breath of fresh air and a tribute to common sense and rational thought: using the tools that evidence provides us, not being ruled by them. I can’t begin to describe how much your unique perspective and skills at interpreting the evidence has helped me devellop my practice.  

Thank you so much for all the effort you put into this podcast. I look forward to what will hopefully be a long and prosperous future for this project.

Job well done! by KingstonPharmD on Apr 7, 2010

Evidenced based drug therapy made practical and fun says it all. What Mike & James key in on that others seem to miss how to utilize patient-oriented evidence in concert with the patient’s values & preferences.  Kudos and a must listen for any practitioner or educator of evidence based medicine. Now if we can only get those writing the guidelines to tune in.

Up to date, practical, and funny! by Jesse Mack on 1-Apr-2010

This duo of health care professionals gives an excellent summary of new evidence on a variety of topics. You could read 100 randomized controlled trials about a topic, or listen to one 20 min podcast! Great work, you save me time and money (because instead of reading 100 RCTs I’m working as a clinical pharmacist making $$).

Best on the web by Grateful_rxist on 23-Mar-2010

These podcasts give you realistic, practical approaches to patient care.  They are an easy way to get advice that you can use right away.  The topics are timely, like the CRP discussion and help us to answer the “tough” questions from our patients.  Keep up the excellent work!

Frail elderly information is sanity in a crazy world by Geriatric NP on 16-Mar-2010

A big thank you to the TEC crew for the series of Frail Elderly podcasts.  I live in BC and work in both BC and the US and I found this podcast to express exactly what we need in frail elderly care: a focus on the individual, quality of life and function. I see fellow health care professionals trying to apply guidelines to this population and I just shake my head. Let’s do what makes sense for those who have lived long enough to show us how foolish we can sometimes be. 

Therapeutics Education Collaboration by Miuno on 18-Feb-2010

This podcast is like going to a medical conference with  dynamic, smart, and funny speakers. The information is relevant and  practical. Because the content is current and entertaining, you tend to retain the information easily and use it in your practice. I’m a nurse practitioner and I enjoy going to work and having conversations with my colleagues concerning different topics discussed on the podcast. I am a fan.

Medical Student by MS82 on 12-Feb-2010

I am a medical student and I love these podcasts. I listened to them as I travelled around for CaRMS interviews. I have shared them with my class, and many of my colleagues also find them to be a great learning resource. Thanks for such a great resource!

Best medical podcast yet! by ontariodoc on 18-Jan-2010

This is by far the best medical podcast I have found. I will recommend it to all my students and residents. Excellent work!!!

TEC by FamRes on 16-Jan-2010

Excellent podcast. Great discussions of the evidence. I am a fan and have recommended it to many of my colleagues.

best medical podcast! by tksmd – vancouver on 5-Jan-2010

Please don’t stop, this is the best podcast I have come across with great evidence mixed with humour.

Really appreciate all the work you’ve all put into it and have learned a ton and attempt to translate it to practice.

Resident learning by FP resident on 19-Dec-2009

I love the podcasts and I love the “bad jokes”, James and Mike have excellent senses of humor and the jokes keep me awake and attentive. I’m a FP resident and always bring up facts learned in the TI to even out our academic talks and get some interesting discussion happening. At this stage of the game it is great to learn from as many sources as possible and I really appreciate these podcasts.

Commuting students, look no further! by amanda.cort on Dec 6, 2009

I’m a nurse practitioner student who was looking for something edifying for my long commutes to clinic. The pragmatic, funny, and evidence-based discussions these two provide help to solidify what I’m learning and give a great real-life perspective. I hope you two continue with this project!

Hilariously informative by lhbui on 27-Nov-2009

I am a pharmacist and I love this podcast. I listen to it on the way to and from work and sometimes end up looking like a fool to the other drivers when I suddenly burst out loud laughing at something the two guys are saying. It is certainly a great and entertaining way to review my pharmaceutical knowledge. I find that I remember things better when I listen to them then actually sitting down and reading the same information. Also, they they great information in terms of absolute benefits/risks that I feel I can discuss with patients. Absolutely love love it and have been reccomending to friends

I do wonder about that James McCormack though. He keeps on saying, “I tell my patients this..” or ” My patients tell me this” and I wonder who these supposed patients are since he is not a medical doctor. Does he actually have any patients??? Under what circumstances would he see patients? Anyhow, that is just a point of curiousity, but really this podcast is simply AMAZING!!!

Great medical CME podcast!! by locums and rural ER doc on 24-Nov-2009

Extremely useful source of unbiased, practical, evidence-based information presented with humour. I have learned so much from this series and it has definitely changed my practice for the better. I listen to it in my car on long drives to and from the rural ERs where I work around Ontario. I really enjoy the reviews of important papers but also the topical podcasts (eg recent diabetes saga). Thanks so much MIke and James!

Trigonometry made simple! by hoosier_in_michigan on Nov 4, 2009

No misrepresentations here – the podcast delivers as promised. 1) evidence made practical, and 2) “fun” (a humorous slant recognizing we don’t know what we don’t know). I recommend this to all of my fellow residents in training, as well as medical students, pharm.d candidates, and the senior internists and pharmacists who work in our graduate medical education programs here in Michigan. I’d gladly pay for the content, but for now cherish that it’s freely available (and easily shared for that matter). Thanks James, Mike!

Keep on it! by Etudiant \m/ on 26-Oct-2009

This podcast is the most valuable educational options out there. There are no industry sponsors. It’s just a couple of well informed practitioners voicing their opinions on the current evidence. I truly hope that we can work out a funding model for this podcast that is as innovative as your weekly discussions!

Thanks by OCDT PharmStudent on 5-Oct-2009

As a fourth year pharmacy student at UBC, listening to these podcasts really helps to bring together and cement the knowledge I have been accumulating throughout school. I particularly enjoyed hearing about old drugs, as we are always focusing on the new and ‘improved’ medications in our courses. In general, hearing discussions about medications that I will be seeing in practice is very helpful, please keep up the good work.

I’ll have that “to go” please by NOSM FM Resident on 2-Jun-2009

I appreciate being able to listen to concise, up to date reviews of clinicaly relevant topics while jogging, cooking, driving, etc. What a great way to squeeze a bit of learning into a busy schedule!

Great podcast as a supplement for students by mrgionfriddo on May 27, 2009

As a pharmacy student in the United States I find these podcasts to be very informative and educational. They offer evidence based medicine which can at times be missed during the educational process. I find that these podcasts supplement very well with much of the ‘mechanistic’ medicine being taught and offers the viewpoint of what is actually seen in practice. They also help to clarify guidelines through evidence which is helpful when at times in the educational process it can appear that we as students are to take the guidlines as gospel. Overall great podcast that offers an interesting, informative, and sometimes comical view of evidence based drug therapy.

Ode to TI Podcast! by penlind on 13-May-2009

The TI Podcast is the best

Believe me – I’ve endured the rest

Not too serious or too dry

And easy to listen on the fly

On a walk or in the car

The TI wisdom is never far

Bad jokes and laughing do abound

It’s what makes it the best I’ve found

James can be a little rough on Mike

As a pharmacist what’s not to like?

They said that they would give away

A chance to come to Vancover one day

And be a guest at the TI course

I’d come even if it was by horse

So I hope that this little rhyme

Will be in time for the deadline

Because I’d really love to go

And meet my med podcast heros!

Seriously guys — I’ve been listening from the beginning and really value what you are doing. As a pharmacist and former Academic Detailer I think the dialogue style of your podcast is bang on to keep practitioners engaged and goes a long way in providing that all important link between research and real life practice.

Keep up the good work! And please forgive (and reward) my pathetic attempt at rhythm and rhyme but I thought Mike’s kids deserved a sing-songy bedtime story for a change 🙂 — However I am reminded there is a reason I am a pharmacist and not a poet!


A great resource for residency – ‘Clinical Numeracy’ 101 by iwagg on 11-May-2009

I was introduced to the TI podcasts a couple of months ago and have found them to be an invaluable resource that touch on many important primary care issues in a way that my past four years of medical school certainly did not. “Clinical numeracy” might be one way to describe what they preach. Clinically conservative is probably another descriptor. Sometimes the podcasts get a little long and tedious… a more condensed production would be nice. Fewer bad jokes and laughing out-bursts might help too ;-). The occasional guest podcasters are great. Keep up the good work James and Mike!

Therapeutics initiative by paul494 on 18-Apr-2009

Brilliant best ebm site on the web. Every time I start to be overwhelmed by clinical trial data and especially stats data I listen to the relevant podcast and look at the accompanying web site info and all is well. The humour helps the ebmedicine go down fun and informative great combination.

website too! by PharmerinON on 1-Apr-2009

I find these podcast extremely helpful in keeping up to date. Checkout the website (ti.ubc.ca) too where the references are under podcasts, show notes.

Love it! by Daisy Student Intern 3 on 18-Mar-2009

As a 3rd year medical student, time management is essential and these podcasts enable me to quickly and easily learn key topics in medicine. Often I have pulled knowledge from these podcasts and applied it directly to a patient’s care, and often discussed the topics with preceptors. Plus, I love the humor in the programs… makes the medicine even more interesting. Keep up the good work!

FANTASTIC podcasts by teaching gp on 16-Mar-2009

As a gp and teaching doc I would rate this as a MUST LISTEN to for all those learners, teachers and anyone practicing medicine! These podcasts are very informative, clear, concise and fun to listen to… they provide an insight into the uncertainity of medicine and some of the areas where art and medicine meet. The core principle of many of these podcasts is based on shared decision making between md and pt… and their examples show us how much time and effort this takes and one also gets the sense that if this approach was more broadly used there would be huge improvements in complience, understanding and overall care if all mds took the time to implement this approach.

The modules are short and packed with tips / tools / practical suggestions.

This is a mandatory resource for all residents and medical students working with me.

I would be thrilled to see this resource grow.

Dear Canada, Export your wisdom to US (of A) by mark doc on Mar 6, 2009

After about 15 years of medical practice it seemed tough to find sources of information about medications free of some vested interest.  Folks from the Healthy Skepticism organization suggested I check out “TI”…a group at UBC in Vancouver.

Since then, I’ve attended their annual conference and particularly benefitted from their quarterly newsletters.   Thanks to the wisdom of the Province of B.C. the TI staff is able to use their time and expertise and clear thinking to clearly evaluate drugs.  They have also helped me to better evaluate drug claims, read the literature more critically, and, therefore, more accurately present therapeutic options to my patients.  I truly believe that TI should be mandatory training for all professionals who are licensed to prescribe.  My most sincere thanks to TI!   Mark

Excellent podcast for GPs by fogcmc on 01-Mar-2009

Excellent podcast. Excellent way to keep up-to-date in a fun and informative way. Keep up the good work.

Great driving listening by BoyGirlRobin on 13-Feb-2009

James and Michael are great.  They have the most entertaining and informative delivery of medical information that I have heard.  There are a number of podcasts out there that I have listened to since I started getting into the medical podcasts but none compare to this.  They make me laugh and keep me company on my long drives back and forth to work.  More importantly they are getting important information out there and they do an excellent job of pointing out all the hype in the drug company spin.

Wonderful Resource by Med Student 12 on 11-Feb-2009

I am a medical student who has completed his undergraduate degree in pharmacy from UBC. I had the privilege of having Dr. McCormack as a professor in my undergrad and I have found him to be an excellent clinician. I have found that the most disappointing aspect of my medical education has been the lack of opportunity to learn how to practice with EBM. The TI podcasts help me to fill in this missing gap in my education and I truly enjoy listening to each of the podcasts. I hope that I can utilize the clinical pearls that I have learned from TI for my patients.

A must hear for every doctor! by signaturedoc on Feb 9, 2009

I have been in practice for 18 yrs and have learned more in these podcasts than from any other source. It has drastically changed the way I prescribe medications. I can honestly say that I use their evidence-based guidance at least 5 times a day when choosing medications for patients, or choosing not to treat based on the data they have presented. And to top it off they are humorous, at least as funny as Canadians can be.

Habit forming….. by Pharmacy prof on 13-Jan-2009

Drs. McCormack and Allan provide a critical, yet balanced review of the evidence supporting drug therapies for various medical conditions.  In addition, they demonstrate how knowledge of the evidence (or lack thereof) can be used to engage patients in shared informed decision making.   Each podcast contains several very practical tips that are easily incorporated into practice. Most importantly, they accomplish all of this in a very entertaining manner. 

I often refer my students to these podcasts to supplement my therapeutics lectures (although I may stop doing this as I believe the students prefer James and Mike to me).  I would say that listeners will be at high risk of becoming addicted to this podcast, but I know that James would not approve of me using phrases such as “high risk”.   Keep up the great work!

Something for the Children by DLCampbell on Dec 30, 2008

As an older US med student in my clinical years I like to begin the day with a cup of coffee and a perusal of the latest podcasts.  Therapeutics Initiative is an excellent co-dependency (Yet another misapplication of DSM 4.0).  Its a fun listen with enough thought-provoking comments to stimulate one’s curiosity and sufficient references to provide avenues for further investigation.  Special thanks for the Christmas bonus – medical myths are a great framework for the importance and limitations of EBM…and Doctors McCormack, Allan and their imaginary friend Dr Bob can all tell their kids how they are reaching across international borders to help students as far away as Memphis, Tennessee…the buckle in the “stroke belt.”  Thanks again.

Drugs OH my!! by Chuck_ca on 20-Dec-2008

True to their word this is an evidenced based approach to drug therapy, at a level that most anyone can understand, combine this with a healthy dose of humor in a comfortable setting and we have a valuable tool for health care. 

I especially enjoyed the early podcasts and the explanations of relative and absolute benefit in a clinical setting when discussing different drug therapies.

An excellent source for succinct evidence-based medicine by Edmonton ED Doc on 19-Dec-2008

The Therapeutics Initiative podcast is an excellent source of medical information that cuts through drug company marketing bombast while at the same time avoiding the trap of falling into a tedious discussion of  biostatistics. The presenters are entertaining and knowledgeable and give a very practical overview of how to approach medical issues. An excellent podcast that every physician and medical student ought to follow.

Excellent Medical Review by a physician in Toronto on 17-Dec-2008

One of the few sources of CME that emphasizes that medications are a double edged sword and that one has to be very careful when prescribing even commonplace medications.

Fantastic Podcast by grif1 on 11-Dec-2008

– all towards the practice of Good Medicine – rational, light-hearted, sometimes courageous and uncertain, but always a good old-fashioned common sense approach to evidence informed practice.  Good work  TI for maintaining your strong independent voice.  Hal Huff ND

fabulous podcast by schezwangirl on 11-Dec-2008

This podcast is excellent – I learn tons, very evidence based, very interesting to listen to, and makes me smile to listen to (they both have great sense of humour). This is the place to go for up to date accurate drug information for sure. Also good info about working with your client to help them be in charge of their own health decisions. Thanks tons James and Mike for doing this!

High quality information by HoosierFP on Dec 10, 2008

I first learned of the Therapeutics Initiative several years ago, after following a link from Dr. Jon Abramson’s website, the author of the 2004 book “Overdosed America.”  As a family doctor in the midwestern US, I find the TI podcast to be a breath of fresh air and an antidote to the pervasive influence of drug company marketing – from television ads for the “latest greatest” to the glossy ads which seem to comprise the better part of each month’s issue of my professional association’s journal.  Thanks for keeping us grounded.

Extremely useful by Resident 1 on 30-Nov-2008

As a resident in family medicine, I find these podcasts a great way to learn useful concepts applicable to clinical practice.  The topics are useful and the reviews of the literature are concise and practical.  My one piece of criticism would be to dispense their humour in a similar manner to their drugs – in very low doses.  An enjoyable listen!

Great review before finals by apothecary in training on 30-Nov-2008

Wow, I am so glad I found this. It is great to review for my first therapeutics course in my pharmacy program. I am also learning tons and am very entertained. (The suppository thing was hilarious.)

Awesome by a person named Katt on 28-Nov-2008

I am a retail pharmacist and I listen to “The Therapeutics Initiative Podcast” during my walks and have listened to a number of them twice, because they are informative and relevant to my daily practice as a pharmacist. The Podcast has definitely changed the way I practice and I am no longer “spastic” about a number of issues…like telling people to finish all their antibiotics (depending on the infection)…or splitting tablets evenly. I have also been able to help a number of people who are concerned about their blood pressure and measure it numerous times daily to put it all in perspective and to ease up on the measuring.

Thanks for the informative and humorous show, your work is appreciated and I recommend this Podcast to all pharmacists.

Strong work! by knoxma on Nov 27, 2008

This is great fun and highly informative.  I coordinate the evidence-based medicine curriculum in our Family Medicine residency, and these sessions reinforce what I teach the residents.  It’s great to have this as a resource.  (and, it is like Click and Clack do Journal Club)  Thanks again for the great work

Informative and entertaining for both professional and layman by Urbie4 on Nov 25, 2008

Drs. McCormack and Allan are my primary source for unbiased medical information.  They cut through the groupthink and media hype that cloud public perceptions of health issues.  James and Mike are not afraid to admit that a lot of common medical advice is based on hunches and theories — and when evidence suggests doing something different, they tell us.  This program is invaluable for a layman who wants to make his or her own decisions about the risks and benefits of various medical treatment options.  Besides that, these guys are entertaining!

Excellent material by NHSGP on 22-Nov-2008

I’m a GP in UK and find these podcasts extremely balanced, entertaining and informative. Thanks Guys, keep up the good work!

The best on the web by clarencest10 on 20-Nov-2008

You have no idea how useful your talks are for me. I was out of the medical world for ten years. I came back about five years ago and over the first few months of swotting up I was frustrated by how hard it was to get risk benefit information that was one clinically meaningful and two free from promotional bias – money or hobby horse bias. You guys are the best and the only place anywhere I have found where I feel/know I am not been sold to.

So I love you

Keep it up

I’d love sometime to have a breakdown on the use of stents and cabg.

andrew – travelling kiwi doc.

Excellent series by P S on 18-Nov-2008

It’s so nice to listen to evidence-based information that’s devoid of drug promotion. Without your podcast and publications it’s almost impossible to get unbiased information about therapeutics. Keep up the good work. Peter Scott MD

Thanks James and Mike by LarryMalone on 7-Nov-2008

I’m a 4th year medical student interested in family practice and I find this podcast very helpful.  The content is always relevant, and the format is nice when you are sick of reading.  It’s refreshing to hear a dicussion of the evidence, as I often feel patients are being over investigated and over treated without them having a real understanding of the risks and benefits.

Highly Recommend To Any Health Professional by APharm on 16-Oct-2008

I think these podcasts are just great. They go over a lot of great topics in which it can be difficult to get a clear picture on. If you are looking for a group to first tell you the availale evidence on a topic, then their interpretation of that evidence, then the TI is where you should go. Although my practice is Clinical Pharmacy in the hospital setting, I find most of the podcasts very useful from start to finish.

My only requests to ask James and Mike to try to mention their primary resources during the podcasts (publication and date) only because the topics are sometimes controversial and it would be great to read the sources yourself later on.

Very Practical and Useful Clinical Information by TomClarkRPh on Oct 4, 2008

This weekly podcast with a pharmacist and physician provides excellent insights into use of medications, from the perspective of evidence-based medicine.  These guys have clinical practices and are also well grounded in the medical literature, so they can provide useful and practical information that clinicians can use to improve care to patients.  They also have great chemistry together and inject humor to keep things lively and interesting.  Highly recommended!

Effective CME by EBMnut on 27-Sep-2008

This is probably the most enjoyable and at the same time the most effective CME program around. The material is so practical that I am beginnng to incorporate what I learn here to my day to day clinical practice. Thank you both for putting in your energy to create something so useful! By the way, it also makes for a great listening material from my iPod while running – hard to imagine;-)

T.I.  by Manitoba FP on 16-Sep-2008

Excellent series. Should be ‘required reading’ in medical schools. A very practical review of evidence for common medical problems. I learn something  applicable to everyday practice from every podcast. Could be titled ‘Medical Mythbusters’.

Cutting through the spin by foolishpremise on 28-Aug-2008

I am a physician, and a follower of the TI for many years. I have relied heavily on the TI to cut through drug company spin in the past, and hope these podcasts can bring the same insights to the public at large that they have traditionally provided to the medical community.

Medicine and therapeutics … a sharp look at the evidence by tombell1 on 27-Aug-2008

Well I am a family practitioner here in the UK. I cannot recommend this series highly enough. The podcasts are informative, well balanced and FUN. If you care to look BACK at the authors comments in their older material you will see TIME AND AGAIN how often their concerns about the over optimistic view of various treatments has been born out.

I strongly recommend that any one either medical or lay would improve their knowledge by listening in. They will have fun as well!!!

 I will be suggesting this via email to my medical colleagues ….



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