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Episode 187: A spine-tingling look at neuropathic pain – PART III

In episode 187, Mike and James – actually it was mainly Mike – finally get to the painful end of the neuropathic pain trilogy. We discuss all the second and third line options and conclude that there are a lot of options but none work really well and side effects are often limiting. At the end we recommend that clinicians get patients with neuropathic pain to listen to the TEC podcast as this gives the equivalent effect to that seen with high dose narcotics.

Show notes

1) Carbamazepine

Cochrane CD005451

2) Valproate

Cochrane CD009183

3) Opiods

Cochrane CD006146

4) Capsaicin

Cochrane CD007393

Cochrane CD010111

Clin J Pain 2012;28:101–7

Neurology 2008;70;2305-13

5) Topical lidocaine

Cochrane CD004846

6) Lacosamide

Cochrane CD009318

7) Lamotrigine

Cochrane CD006044

8) Cannabis

Pain Medicine 2009;10:1353-68

CADTH: 13 July 2010, Cannabinoids for the Management of Neuropathic Pain

9) Therapeutic touch

Cochrane CD006535

10) Systemic local anesthetics

Cochrane CD003345

11) TENS machines

Cochrane CD003222

12) Psychology (mainly CBT)

Cochrane CD007407

13) Antipsychotics

Cochrane CD004844

14) Vitamin B

Cochrane CD004573

15) Other

Cochrane CD003904

Cochrane CD007796

16) Drug combinations

Cochrane CD008943


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