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Episode 60: Type 2 Diabetes – how sweet it isn’t – Part VI

In episode 60, the sixth podcast in our saga on type-2 diabetes, we talk about what to do when metformin is not enough and get to the evidence surrounding other blood glucose lowering treatments. We fumble around in a pretty much evidence-free zone. James develops a bad case of hypoglycemia during the podcast because he hasn’t eaten since the start of the diabetes section of these podcasts; Mike comes to his aid by prescribing a low dose of a chocolate bar and eats the rest of it himself.

Show Notes

1) UKPDS (recent results)

NEJM 2008;359:1577-89

Table of results

2) Fluoxetine, orlistat, sibutramine for weight loss in type-2 diabetics

Arch Intern Med 2004;164:1395–404

3) Acarbose for impaired glucose tolerance

JAMA 2003;290:486-94

4) Glitazones meta-analyses

JAMA 2007;298:1180-8

JAMA 2007;298:1189-95

Table of results

5) Risks of an elevated A1c

Link to table

6) Long acting insulin analogues – no advantage

CMAJ 2009;180:385-97

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