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Episode 555: An ASA a day when a baby’s on the way?

In episode 555, James and Mike invite Jamie Falk back to the podcast to talk about the best available evidence for acetylsalicylic acid and its potential impact on reducing the risk of complications in women at risk of preeclampsia. The evidence is pretty clear and we are able to give decent estimates of the benefits and harms. Have a listen – it may change your practice.

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An ASA a day when a baby’s on the way?

Episode 554: Stress Urinary Incontinence: Pelvic floor exercises or pessary?

In episode 554, James and Mike go over a topic we have never covered in 553 previous podcasts. We invited Samantha Moe back to the podcast to talk about how effective are pelvic floor exercises or pessaries for stress urinary incontinence. We find that the magnitude of the benefits from pelvic floor exercises is fairly impressive. Tune in to find out what numbers we thought justified the phrase “fairly impressive” and see if you agree.

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Stress Urinary Incontinence: Pelvic floor exercises or pessary?

Episode 553: How to Slow the Flow – Tranexamic acid for heavy menstrual bleeding

In episode 553, James and Mike get Jen Potter back to talk about the last option we have for heavy menstrual bleeding – tranexamic acid. We talk about how it compares to placebo, NSAIDs, progestins and levonorgestrel intrauterine devices and go over all the numbers for benefits and harms. And then as always, we put everything into clinical context.

Show notes

1) How to Slow the Flow III: Tranexamic acid for heavy menstrual bleeding

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2) Updated Simplified Lipid Guideline 2023

3) CFPC Learn


Episode 552: A free PREMIUM podcast – HTN and HF

In episode 552, James and Mike go over a couple of new trials. We talk about a blood pressure trial that examined taking the pills in the morning vs the evening and a heart failure trial that looked at getting patients on “high intensity” treatment.
Find out the results here.

Show notes

Cardiovascular outcomes in adults with hypertension with evening versus morning dosing of usual antihypertensives in the UK (TIME study): a prospective, randomised, open-label, blinded-endpoint clinical trial
Lancet 2022 Oct 22;400(10361):1417-1425

Safety, tolerability and efficacy of up-titration of guideline-directed medical therapies for acute heart failure (STRONG-HF): a multinational, open-label, randomised, trial

Lancet 2022 Dec 3;400(10367):1938-1952

Episode 551: Statins in older adults – there is an answer!

In episode 551, James and Mike invite Danielle Perry back to the podcast to talk about the best available evidence for the use of statins in people 65 and over. As you’ll hear, we have lots of evidence so all you need to know is what it says. Then, you can have an evidence-based discussion with all your people in this age category. After that discussion, your patient can make a decision one way or another and that means both of you win and you don’t have to care what guidelines say about this topic. Check it out.

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Statins in Older Adults

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PEIP conference Oct 20-21 2023

Episode 550: PREMIUM – Lipids and bempedoic acid – to be right look at what is left

In episode 550, James and Mike talk in a PREMIUM way about a new cholesterol lowering agent. Bempedoic acid is nothing tremendously exciting but what was very interesting was a subsequent publication that looked at a primary subset analysis, yet completely left out the secondary subset data. Have a listen and find out why.

Show Notes

Sensible Medicine
Lipid lowering – a Bempedoic Acid Subset Analysis – To be right, you have to also look at what is left


CFPC Learn

PEIP conference Oct 20-21, 2023

Episode 55: Type 2 Diabetes – how sweet it isn't

Episode 55 starts off a “sweet” new topic – type 2 diabetes. In the first podcast on this topic we talk about the whole issue of the diagnosis of diabetes, how to make the diagnosis and to some degree what the diagnosis means.

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