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Annual MEME course – Making Evidence Matter For Everyone

Information on this annual course is available at the HEC TALKS site. In 2023 it is being held in Vancouver, BC May 12-13. Please join us for the evidence and the fun.

This is a highly interactive course on common and new therapeutic issues from an evidence based perspective.
The scope of information is broad, practical and often controversial, appealing to physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists.
This course does not receive any subsidy sponsorship. The entire course is funded by your registration fee.

The Canadian Therapeutics and Prescribing Course for Naturopathic Doctors

This is where you can access the content for the Canadian Therapeutics and Prescribing Course for Naturopathic Doctors. After completing the payment, you will be given access to all the course content, videos, handouts and be granted full access to the Best Science (BS) Medicine podcasts. **PLEASE NOTE: THIS COURSE IS CURRENTLY OPEN ONLY TO NATUROPATHIC DOCTORS AND FOURTH YEAR CNME-ACCREDITED PROGRAM STUDENTS**

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Traveling Roadshow

Do you have difficulty getting high quality, entertaining speakers for your educational events? Do you get tired of going to drug company sponsored talks? If so, consider INVITING US to help you develop or present at you next educational event.

One of our main goals is to provide physicians, pharmacists and other health professionals with up to date, evidence based, practical information in the area of rational drug therapy. To that end, we have had extensive experience, both locally and internationally, talking to health professionals and consumers about the rational use of medication. We have presented over 800 seminars on drug therapy over the last 20-25 years. These include anything from a 30 minute talk on a particular topic, to a 2-day intensive interactive workshop.

We also organize “closer to home” community small group drug therapy educational sessions which are typically done by 2-4 members of our group. With many of our courses the attendees are family physicians and pharmacists and nurse practitioners and anyone else who would like to attend. The numbers range from 5 to 70 depending on the location. These community-based, drug therapy oriented sessions are aimed at family physicians, internists, other interested specialists, pharmacists and nurses responsible for patient drug therapy. The purpose is to provide an introduction to evidence based medicine, learning the basics of interpreting research findings, and to provide “evidence-based” therapeutic evaluation as a balance to “marketing-based” information. We spend a lot of time challenging beliefs and provide tools which allow clinicians the ability to include patient values in the decision process rather than strictly relying on guidelines. For example, we would provide clinicians with what the best evidence suggests is the benefit and harm of a particular therapy and encourage clinicians to discuss this with patients rather than focusing on specific blood pressure, cholesterol or glucose levels as the endpoint.



BS Medicine Podcast

The 2024 MEME Conference – May 24-25, 2024


Making Evidence Matter For Everyone | May 24 & 25, 2024
From the clinicians who brought you the Best Science Medicine Course and the Meds Conference, as well as the BS Medicine Podcast and Tools for Practice




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BedMed: The High Blood Pressure Study

This pragmatic trial is now recruiting in BC. Make a difference and get involved with pragmatic trials (www.pragmatictrials.ca)

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