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Episode 144: A heads-up look at the prevention of headaches – Part II

In episode 144, Mike and James finish up their discussion about headache prevention with a poignant yet stirring discussion of the use of antihypertensive and antiepileptic agents for migraine prevention. We show these drugs work and decide that they work not as antihypertensives or antiepileptics but have something to do with their ability to induce fairies to sprinkle magical dust on the brain. At the end we realise that even when it comes to fairy dust, low dose is the way to go. 

Show notes

1) Propranolol for migraines

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2) Lisinopril for migraine

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3) Candesartan for migraine

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4) Verapamil for headache

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Headache 1989;29:425-7

5) Hypertension treatment and headaches

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6) Overview of pharmacological management

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CMAJ 2010;182:E269-E276.DOI:10.1503/cmaj.081657

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