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Episode 54: CRP – An important part of a Comprehensive Risk Profile or a Completely Ridiculous Practice- Part III

Episode 54 finishes off the whole issue of CRP measurement by looking at the evidence we have about what happens to patients when they take drugs that lower CRP – glitazones, COX-2s, fibrates, vitamin E, niacin, ezetimibe, and statins. Other than statins and maybe niacin, it doesn’t look good – in contrast to Mike and James of course that is.

Show Notes

1) Drugs that lower CRP

Cardiovasc Drug Rev 2006;24:33-50

Chest 2004;125:1610-5

Atherosclerosis 2005;179:361-7

2)Drugs that lower CRP and their effect on outcome


JAMA 2007;298:1189-95


CMAJ 2002;166:1649-50


Lancet 2005;366;1849-61


Circulation 2000;102:21-7

Vitamin E

Lancet 2003;361:2017-23

JAMA 2007;297:842-57


JAMA 1975;231:360-81


N Engl J Med 2008;358:1431-43


Lancet 2008;371:117-25

High dose statins – not treating to target


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