If you go outside in the cold with wet hair will you actually get pneumonia and die?

Do statins reduce cardiovascular events by 30% or is it really just under 2% - don't get fooled by Grade 3 math?

Why do we use terms like significant, use with caution, monitor closely, high risk and does it have anything to do with the Homeland Advisory System?

Why were betablockers contraindicated in heart failure and then became drugs of choice?

Are ACEIs and ARBs really better for type 2 diabetics - the kidney really isn't the most important organ in a diabetic?

If the cardiovascular risks for Vioxx were described as low, why doesn’t the same apply to the benefits found in the statin Heart Protection Study?

If you sneeze, fart and belch at the same time will you actually die?

Does the full moon really have an effect on hospital admissions and do you actually look anyway?

Do we really need to drink 8 cups of water a day - is 9 just too many?

Is the drug of choice for community acquired pneumonia actually a respiratory flouroquinolone or can you still use "respiratory" amoxicillin?

In asthmatics when your PFTs go down or your symptoms get worse should you double the dose of your inhaled corticosteroid or just take more of the blue puffer?

If you eat lots of carrots will you be able to see in the dark - was Bugs Bunny on to something or were we trying to fool the enemy?

Do you actually have to take antibiotics until they are all gone or do we just give antibiotics for 7 and 10 days because 6 and 9 days is ridiculous?

NSAIDs for sports injuries – do you really want to be on antiplatelet when you have an acute injury that is likely bleeding?

Is the placebo effect really all that powerful? - do you get confused between the placebo effect and the placebo group response?

Why are the doses of drugs in the CPS and PDR basically wrong?

Does anyone need to know their bone density?

Is measuring hs-CRP an important part of a Comprehensive Risk Profile or a Completely Ridiculous Practice?

Should we stop using betablockers for hypertension?

Why are the guidelines for osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol “valueless”?

Is getting your cholesterol less than 2 (70) really necessary or do you really need to measure your cholesterol at all?

What is the point of measuring blood glucose in type 2 diabetics not on insulin - does it really not do much except create worry?

Are the cardiovascular risks for a type 2 diabetic really equivalent to a person who has had an MI?

Should metformin really be contraindicated in patients with renal problems?

Should all diabetics get ASA and a statin because they are at "High Risk"?

Do your diabetic patients really complain about protein in their urine?