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Risk calculators and tools for cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, infectious disease, neurology, obstetrics/gynecology, ophthalmology, psychiatry, respiratory, rheumatology, oncology – the list is fairly limited so far – please let us know if you would like tools added

1) Cardiology

CVD Risk Calculators

CVDCalculator.com – Cardiovascular Risk/Benefit/Harm Calculator

Uses both Framingham, QRISK, ASCVD and PRDICT formulas. Gives benefit estimates for all treatments – drug and non-drug. The BEST tool for calculating cardiovascular risk. (We are biased in our review of this tool!) Dr. Mark McConnell from the VA says this is “the best risk calculator I’ve found” 

Primary CVD Risk Calculator

This risk calculator uses the Framingham risk equation and the adjustments as suggested by the Joint British Societies’ (JBS2) paper and the JBS Cardiovascular Risk Assessor.

Reynolds Risk Score

Calculates CVD risk and incorporates hsCRP.

Australian Absolute CVD Risk Calculator

Another Framingham based calculator.

JBS CVD Risk Prediction Charts

British Hypertension Society calculator.

UKPDS Risk Engine

Calculates CVD risk for patients with diabetes and different A1cs can be added which is different than most other calculators which chart diabetes as Yes or No.

Australian CVD Risk Charts

Charts are based on the NVDPA’s Guidelines for the assessment of absolute cardiovascular disease risk.


The QRISK2 algorithm has been developed by doctors and academics working in the UK National Health Service and is based on routinely collected data from many thousands of GPs across the country who have freely contributed data for medical research.

Statin and Aspirin

Mayo Statin and Aspirin Decision Aid

A happy face based tool to help patients make decisions about statins and/or ASA.

2) Dermatology

None yet

3) Endocrinology

UKPDS Risk Engine

Calculates CVD risk for patients with diabetes and different A1cs can be added which is different than most other calculators which chart diabetes as Yes or No.

CHART – 55 year-old diabetes risk table

4) Gastroenterology


Estimates one-year risk of major bleeding in atrial fibrillation patients.

5) Hematology

None yet

6) Infectious disease

Pneumonia Severity Index Calculator

A prediction rule to identify low-risk patients with community acquired pneumonia.

Best Antibiotic Sensitivity Chart Ever 2019 EDITION

7) Neurology

Sparc tool

A great tool for going over the risks and benefits of preventive treatments for stroke.


Estimates stroke risk in patients with atrial fibrillation.

8) Obstetrics/gynecology

None yet

9) Ophthalmology

None yet

10) Psychiatry

None yet

11) Respiratory

Lung Age

Show someone who smokes how “old” their lungs are in a nice visual. A trial showed that using this helped patients quit smoking.

12) Rheumatology/Bone health 


Likelihood of fracture for many populations around the world. Can even calculate risk without a BMD reading.

A simple to use chart based on FRAX – Estimate risk of fracture NOT KNOWING BMD

Click here for a larger version

 A simple to use chart based on FRAX- Estimate risk of fracture KNOWING BMD

Click here for a larger version


Another fracture risk calculator, best for US populations. You don’t need a BMD to calculate risk.

CHART – Estimate osteoporosis risk

13) Oncology

None yet

14) Others


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