Episode 280 – Working smarter not harder to answer clinical questions – PART II

In episode 280, James and Mike continue on with Jon Ference about information mastery. Jon talks about hunting and foraging tools and how you can access tools that will work best for your practice. And at the end we all go out and hunt and forage and have a delicious evidence-based meal.

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Episode 279: Working smarter not harder to answer clinical questions

In episode 279, James and Mike invite Jon Ference to talk all about how he works smarter and not harder to answer clinical questions. During the podcast Jon exposes Mike’s and James’ ignorance on a number of things but we tolerate it because based on the best available evidence he seems like a nice guy.

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Episode 278: PREMIUM – It’s all about the lungs

In episode 278, James and Mike get back to being PREMIUM podcasters and we discuss new studies around drugs for COPD, pneumonia, and smoking cessation. At the end we catch our breath and look back at how breathtaking this PREMIUM podcast all about lung issues truly was.

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Episode 277: Worrying about anxiety – PART III

In episode 277, James and Mike finish off with the charming Adrienne Lindblad by discussing the issue of OCD and we discuss that it can be very debilitating and that some medications do have an effect but they also can cause side effects. At the end we all count to 100 backwards by 7s a dozen times – just for fun. Read more »

Episode 276: Worrying about anxiety – PART II

In episode 276, James and Mike continue to enlist Adrienne Lindblad help with deciphering the literature surrounding anxiety medications. We discuss the evidence around buspirone and the benzodiazepines and wrap up the whole issue of what to use in GAD and at the end our anxieties disappear.

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Episode 275: Worrying about anxiety

In episode 275, James and Mike anxiously enlist Adrienne Lindblad to help us with deciphering the literature surrounding anxiety medications. We discuss the issue of anxiety scales in the studies, and look at the evidence around the use of antidepressants and antipsychotics for GAD.

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Episode 274: Two new drugs that follow all our rules

In episode 274, Mike and James for a change look at the evidence behind two new drugs – one for over active bladder and one for depression and find unfortunately that as usual new drugs are no better than what we already have.

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1) Over active bladder drug

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Episode 273: Osteoarthritis treatments - an inflammatory discussion about the evidence – PART II

In episode 273, Mike and James break down even more evidence around treatments for osteoarthritis. In this episode, we discuss topical NSAIDs, alternative therapies, narcotics and conclude, as in the previous podcast, that it is ultimately up to the patient to try to figure out what works best for them.

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