Episode 237: We listen and respond to listener questions – PART II

In episode 237, James and Mike discuss even more listener questions. We cover issues around the SSRI withdrawal problem, warfarin, strep throat, NSAIDs, spironolactone, colchicine and a lot, lot more with less, less skill.

Show notes

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Episode 236: We listen and respond to listener questions

In episode 236, Mike and James discuss the latest listener questions. We cover the flu shot, cardiovascular calculations and as always we deal with the never-ending questions about statins. At the end Mike, who has a cold decides to take a statin for his cold and the results will astound you.

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Episode 235: Antiplatelets - is a one and a two wonnerful, wonnerful?

In episode 235, Mike and James welcome Adrienne Lindblad who helps us sort out the issue of how many antiplatelets do you need after a stroke. We come to the conclusion that the evidence is really difficult to unclog, the answering is as clear as a plugged drain and if you get the title of this podcast you are very old.

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Episode 234: PREMIUM – Fatty acids and should you eat acetaminophen during pregnancy

In episode 234, Mike and James go PREMIUM all over again and discuss three new studies that were recently in the news. These studies looked at the link between fatty acids and coronary heart disease and acetaminophen use in pregnancy and ADHD. At the end of the podcast we decide to go out and eat a delicious meal and we forgot that we talked about an acetaminophen study. Read more »

Episode 233: A passing podcast for the failing heart – PART II

In episode 233, Mike and James continue on with how to deal with a failing heart. We talk about nitrates, digoxin and the aldosterone antagonists. We then talk about the approach to using these medications and how we don’t need to get to everybody to high doses of every drug and in fact that this causes considerable harm unless it is done carefully.

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Episode 232: A passing podcast for the failing heart

In episode 232, Mike and James get to all the evidence around drugs for heart failure. We talk about furosemide, ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers and ARBs. The bottom line is that we have good evidence for reduction in mortality and heart failure admissions however the evidence for symptomatic control is surprisingly absent and both our hearts fail a little bit because of that news.  Read more »

Episode 231: Prevention and Treatment of the Common Cold - making sense of the evidence – Part III

In episode 231, Mike and James finally get to the end of their discussion of the CMAJ article “Prevention and Treatment of the Common Cold: making sense of the evidence” that was written by Mike and Bruce Arroll. Read more »

Tom Hanks and Type 2 Diabetes - an evidence-based discussion I would like to have with Mr. Hanks

This is not actually a podcast but a quick audio note to let you know about a video I just released entitled "Tom Hanks and Type 2 Diabetes - an evidence-based discussion I would like to have with Mr. Hanks".

You can find it on YouTube at


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