Episode 256: How much of CVD is in your genes?

In episode 256, Mike, Mike, and James discuss the evidence around family history when it comes to cardiovascular disease risk estimates. To prove a point, during the podcast the Mikes gang up on James just as if they were siblings and it all ends in tears.

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Episode 255: We can measure lipoproteins but is there really any point?

In episode 255, Mike and James discuss the evidence around the measurement of lipoproteins and find out that while they are interesting from a research perspective, they are of little if any value in clinical practice. At the end of the podcast Mike gets not only irked but flummoxed and just this is worth the price of admission.

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Episode 254: Food and You – the evidence conundrum – PART III

In episode 254, James and Mike finish of their dietary podcast buffet. We tackle weight loss and then look at all the best available evidence around overall nutrition and it comes up looking pretty good for the Mediterranean diet – or something similar. Read more »

Episode 253: Food and You – the evidence conundrum – PART II

In episode 253, James and Mike continue biting off the evidence around nutrition. We discuss salt, breakfast, eggs, fiber, coffee, fruit and vegetable servings, and alcohol. At the end, we get terribly confused and go out and have a smorgasbord.

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1) Salt

N Engl J Med 2014;371:601-11

BMJ 2013;346:f1325 doi: 10.1136/bmj.f1325 Read more »

Episode 252: Food and You – the evidence conundrum

In episode 252, James and Mike start off on a food/nutrition diatribe. We start off by speaking in general about nutrition issues and how we should figure out if a particular food is healthy or unhealthy. We chew up the advantages and disadvantages of RCTs and cohorts and set the plate on what evidence we need to make decisions about nutrition.

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Episode 251: PREMIUM – a new heart failure study and much, much more

In episode 251, PREMIUM Mike and James look at the most recent update of the ACCORD trial and find not a lot. We then look at a relatively new class of medication (neprilysin inhibitor) and actually find something but realise it all needs to be put into context. Read more »

Episode 250: New Studies – two podcasts for the price of one

In episode 250, Mike and James double up on the value by giving you close to 60 minutes of pure gold – fools gold actually. We discuss a number of new studies that help answer questions about dual antiplatelets, niacin, OST, the number of fruit and vegetable servings, and acetaminophen for acute low back pain. Read more »

Episode 249: Is glucosamine inert or does it help if you are inert from osteoarthritis?

In episode 249, Mike and James dive into all the latest data on glucosamine for osteoarthritis. Early on, the research showed it might have some benefit but the most recent meta-analyses indicate glucosamine does not reliably improve pain or function in osteoarthritis.

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